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  2. How much do homeowners love their homes?
Research & Insights
14 February 2022

How much do homeowners love their homes?

Sam Edwards
A couple sat on a chair together cuddling.

Table of contents

  1. 1. Homeowners, how deep is your love?
  2. 2. Are homeowners committed to their current property?
  3. 3. Would homeowners ditch their home for something better?
  4. 4. What do owners think could be improved?
  5. 5. Summary: Home is where the heart is

Valentine’s Day - a big day for some and just another day for others. Whether you’re spending Valentine’s with that special someone, or you’re happy on your own, there’s a love you probably haven’t considered - the very real relationship between you and your home.

We set out to discover how much we love our homes, and the results are definitely something to write home about. Thankfully, many of us are in happy, stable relationships, with one in five homeowners claiming they are completely in love with their properties!

Homeowners, how deep is your love?

For the most part, we love our homes

To start off, we asked homeowners a very simple question - how much do you love your home?

How much do you love your property?

A lot37%
Quite a lot27%
Not much at all5%

For the most part, we have a great relationship with our homes. Over 82% of homeowners we surveyed had positive things to say about their properties, with 37% answering that they loved their home ‘a lot’, 27% saying ‘quite a lot’, and 18% saying they were ‘completely in love.’ On the other hand, 13% of homeowners surveyed said they only ‘partially’ loved their homes, while 5% said they did ‘not much love their property at all’.

Obviously, not everyone has found their perfect match, but on the whole homeowners are happily in love.

Are homeowners committed to their current property?

It looks like we’re better together

Love is synonymous with commitment - or is it? We asked homeowners how committed they were to their current properties.

How committed are you to your home?

I plan to live here for the foreseeable future42%
I plan to live here for the rest of my life29%
I plan to live here for the majority of my life16%
I have plans to move soon10%
I want to move ASAP3%

With such high levels of infatuation, it’s not surprising that the majority of us plan to stay in our homes for a long time. Over 42% of people surveyed plan to live in their properties ‘for the foreseeable future’, while nearly half said they were planning on staying for much of their lives - 29% of whom clarified they would stay ‘for the rest’ of their lives, while 16% said ‘for the majority’ of their lives.

Not everyone had long-term plans for their properties however. One tenth of surveyees said they ‘had plans to move soon’, and 3% had plans to move out ‘as soon as possible’.

Would homeowners ditch their home for something better?

We’re it for the long haul but nearly a third of us would ditch our homes for a better one

With the majority of people in love, we decided to gauge how deep their love really was. We asked homeowners if they would ditch their homes for a bigger, better property.

Would you ditch your current home for a bigger, better or more modern home?

Don’t know27%

By and large, we’re a faithful bunch. Over 42% of respondents said they wouldn’t ditch their properties for a better-suitor. However, 31% said they were prepared to leave if a bigger, better, modern home came along, and 27% were left battling with their feelings and unable to provide an answer.

What do owners think could be improved?

Could things be better?

Though most of us are content with our homes, there’s always room for improvement. What would we change about our properties if we had the option?

What could be improved about your home?

More energy efficient26%
More outdoor space15%

Reflective of our changing attitudes towards climate change, the majority of homeowners surveyed said that they would make their properties ‘more energy efficient’ if they could. Coming in hot second, 23% of homeowners said they would make their properties bigger, while 20% opined for a more aesthetically pleasing house. In fourth and fifth place, ‘location’ and ‘more outdoor space’ were desired by 16% and 15% of respondents respectively.

Summary: Home is where the heart is

It’s reassuring to know that whatever happens with our love lives, our homes are (for the most part) a great source of happiness. If you’re alone this Valentine's Day, maybe there’s time to appreciate a real relationship - the one between you and your house.

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