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About Aberdein Considine

Aberdein Considine mainly list properties in EH54, EH52 and EH48. Over the last 6 months, they've listed 11 properties, with 3 currently on the market. Most of the properties listed have 4 bedrooms. They list properties for sale on Zoopla.

Branch Address

Ochil House, Beveridge Square, Livingston, EH54 6QF

Opening Times
Monday 8:30am - 5:00pm
Tuesday 8:30am - 5:00pm
Wednesday 8:30am - 5:00pm
Thursday 8:30am - 5:00pm
Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm
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Listings by number of bedrooms
  1. 1 1 bedroom/studio properties listed by Aberdein Considine in the last 6 months
  2. 3 2 bedrooms properties listed by Aberdein Considine in the last 6 months
  3. 2 3 bedrooms properties listed by Aberdein Considine in the last 6 months
  4. 5 4 bedrooms properties listed by Aberdein Considine in the last 6 months
Number of Listings
  1. In April 2018 the number of properties listed was 6
  2. In May 2018 the number of properties listed was 3
  3. In June 2018 the number of properties listed was 4
  4. In July 2018 the number of properties listed was 5
  5. In August 2018 the number of properties listed was 5
  6. In September 2018 the number of properties listed was 7
  7. In October 2018 the number of properties listed was 7
Listing Market Share
  1. In May 2018, Aberdein Considine had 0.9% market share in EH54
  2. In June 2018, Aberdein Considine had 0.8% market share in EH54
  3. In July 2018, Aberdein Considine had 1.6% market share in EH54
  4. In August 2018, Aberdein Considine had 1.6% market share in EH54
  5. In September 2018, Aberdein Considine had 2% market share in EH54
  6. In October 2018, Aberdein Considine had 1.5% market share in EH54

Properties listed and sold by Aberdein Considine

Average Value
Average Size
4 Beds
Most Active Postcode
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Other Aberdein Considine Group Reviews

Hasan Bashir
9th July 2018

This is the most unprofessional company that I have ever used. The cheekiness received from a spacific someone was horrendious and im very well sure she will know who it is once she reads this message. It was very clear they are out just to meet their targetes every month and get their commision. Would never buy another property if it was being listed from this company again.

Aberdein Considine - Shawlands

Third Party Review - this review has not been verified by GetAgent.

Tessy D
7th March 2018

Had a terrible experience selling my flat with them, namely Susan, the agency manager who shouted at me after telling me off for taking my flat off the market. Numerous friends have had to cancel their property sales, changing their minds many times and never had to suffer such abuse. Shame for the other agents and the on-site solicitor, as they all work well but she is sinking the boat. She even refused to reply to an email from me, probably to avoid leaving any trace of her communication with me so that the management does not see how she treats customers. She avoided all communication with me, I had to walk to the agency, she did not say she was Susan when I asked all agents if I could speak to Susan (even though she was sitting right in front of me looking at me), then proceeded to tell me off in an aggressive manner. I sold flats before, in Edinburgh (with DJ Alexander : top-class service, they did advice me to wait for the Spring to advertise my flat. The opposite of Aberdine who as I came out of hospital with hardly any vision nor balance advised that I sell it in November-December! So I paid the new Home Report to have one viewing in 3 months). I have never experienced such callous and unprofessional attitude before.

Aberdein Considine - Shawlands

Third Party Review - this review has not been verified by GetAgent.

Jen Whiteside
30th November 2017

I was one of their tenants... and until the debacle that was our exit from a property we had occupied for some years, I was ready to give them a great review. We had a very happy tenancy. However, in the midst of purchasing our first home (and paying up a wedding), we had the added stress of an absolutely shambolic exit and Aberdein Considine holding our deposit hostage when we had been relying on that money being returned to us promptly. This is a saga, so you have been warned!

It's important to note that we handed the keys back early. Our lease wasn't up until July, and we handed our keys back in May as we had purchased a property. We thought we were doing them a favour by handing the keys back early, as there was maintenance to be done. But no good deed goes unpunished.

We had ensured all windows were sparkling, we had cleaned the oven twice to make sure it was in great condition, and we had paid a professional to clean the carpets. We took pictures to prove it was in good condition, as I had been stung by bad letting agencies before. I had been sending communications to Aberdein Considine informing them of the day we'd be handing in the keys. I gave them plenty of notice. When we went to the office, the woman on the desk had NO IDEA we were coming, and didn't know the procedure for taking back keys as that was someone else's job. None-the-less, she took the keys. I sent an email to Aberdein Considine's head office to inform them that we had returned the keys and that we were concerned the woman in question didn't know the procedure. I asked for confirmation return of the keys had been logged. I received no reply for a week, so I emailed again. Another week, no reply.

So I call them up to find out what is happening. On that phone call, not only do I find out that the return of the keys had not been logged, but also that contractors had been let into the property without our knowledge or consent! This was in violation of our letting agreement; we were to be given 48 hours notice before contractors are allowed in. It turns out the landlady wanted to sell the property, knew we had vacated and had glaziers brought in to replace the windows. I was incensed. At that point, I had let already let them know we'd paid to have the carpets cleaned. I asked if they had done property inspection before letting contractors in. They had not. I was assured it would be fine, though. Now, with a named person to deal with, I reminded them in writing of their legal obligations; that they were in violation of the terms of our lease. Thereafter, they informed us when two more contractors were coming onto the property.

It gets to the end of the lease in July. Aberdein Considine then, knowing we've had no access to the property since May, has the property inspection done which in Scotland is performed by an objective third party. The pictures we get back are horrific. The carpet we paid to clean is dirty (understatement); the bathroom is covered in muck, with plaster and various contractor tools lying around; the kitchen is in a similar state. We're aghast, and immediately contact them asking why they waited until several contractors had muddied up the place to have the inspection done. I was told it was their policy to have it done after the lease is over. Still assured it would be fine.

They then tried to claim a cleaning bill of £182 from our deposit. It is now December, and we've only just reached the end of mediation with SafeDeposit Scotland who found in our favour, naturally. I don't care if it's incompetence or maliciousness, our exit experience was so completely unacceptable and stressful. We had been responsible tenants and were put through this horrific procedure because of TERRIBLE communication.

Now instead of nice memories of our wee flat, all we'll remember is this debacle. Do yourself a favour, and avoid this letting agent.

Aberdein Considine - Shawlands

Third Party Review - this review has not been verified by GetAgent.

Umega Lettings
17th August 2017

Fantastic service from Phil and the team.

Aberdein Considine - Stirling

Third Party Review - this review has not been verified by GetAgent.

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