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Are Ama Homes (new Town) Ltd - Canon Quarters Right For You?

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Ama Homes (new Town) Ltd - Canon Quarters hasn't listed any properties yet.

Once they do, we'll be able to show their statistics here. In the meantime, here are some nearby agents:

Knight Frank - Edinburgh

80 Queen Street, Edinburgh

We feel very fortunate to have worked with the Knight Frank team specifically Tom Stewart Moore, Ran Morgan and Faith Pedan. Collectively they did an exceptional job selling our rural estate outside Glasgow, managing to secure a very favourable outcome during what was a very difficult period in the market. It goes without saying that we would not hesitate to recommend Knight Frank but a special mention goes to Tom Stewart Moore who worked tirelessly and with endless professionalism.

Tom M

Ticks in nearly all of the boxes. Knight Frank sold our house in the Scottish Borders at a difficult time in the market (when isn't it?) to a family we liked, at the right price - pulling a couple of rabbits out of the hat after a time-wasting prospective buyer dropped out at the last minute. Knight Frank did particularly well with editorial coverage - two substantial features in both The Times and Sunday Times, as well as good coverage in Country Life, The Field, Scottish Field, The Week and the Qatar in-flight magazine, not to mention coverage elsewhere. Pleased with Knight Frank's result but expect to be proactive in the inevitably stressful sale process.

Christopher Ward
Average fee
% of asking price
Avg. time to sell

DJ Alexander Legal - Edinburgh

1 Wemyss Place, Edinburgh

"Extremely helpful and responsive, everything was clearly stated at all points of the process" Ellie was great showing me round various properties, and the admin and maintenance team have been superb. In our first week we had a smoke detector issue (fixed), a washing machine issue (resolved) and a leak (being investigated). None of these are issues are unexpected as new people start living in a house, but it has been reassuring to know that the response times to these queries have been almost instant, and all were handled diligently and with urgency.

David Lynch

Do not take their clients concerns seriously. The door on our building was broken for months. We and several of our neighbors reported that many times. No problem solved. We even ended up with a situation that a drunk person entered into our building and lied down in front of our flat door. We were forced to call the police. Again no response from them. Thus, we decided to move out. The moving out was a different story - not only will they ignore your emails but they will give their best to rob you. And if you are lucky get their email response, it will be rude and Ill-mannered. UPDATE: Their response here clearly demonstrates their professional ethics. I had the contract with DJ Alexander and not with anyone else. It was their responsibility to maintain the property or make adequate arrangements. It is clear form their response that they did not think it was their problem to look after the concerns of their tenants. Who cares if we had an incident in the building involving the emergency services due to the problem or that the tenants could not even unlock the entrance door to the building on several occasions. Nor did they think they had any responsibility to take any actions to solve the problem. They just conveniently pass the blame onto someone else. I would let the public make their interpretations just based on their response below. I recommend to avoid them at any cost

Dragan Gasevic
Average fee
% of asking price
Avg. time to sell

Dunpark - Edinburgh - Sales

1 Abercromby Place,Edinburgh

Natalie and the rest of the team at Dunpark are extremely helpful and willing to go the extra mile. No matter if its your boiler that has broken or you simply dont know how to work the hot water, they are always on hand to help you out! Helping our move and transition to Edinburgh extremely smooth! Thanks Guys!!

Janine Comerford

I too would have left no stars if this were an option. The owner, Emma Fursman, goes to great lengths on her website to make Dunpark (or 'dun-ef-all' as we now call it) your family-run, friendly, accessible, property company. A cosy, caring company with a " from boxroom to just-round-the-corner from Harvey Nicks" success story. She gives one of the reasons for opening her business as being "Concerned about the industry's laissez-faire attitude to tenants' safety .. in Edinburgh, Emma saw a need to move rental properties into the 21st Century". How right on. Lets choose Dunpark ..ticks all the boxes right? Well compared to reality, the website is a fairytale. The staff are incompetent and the owner is unreachable. I have tried contacting her directly via three separate social media platforms after failing to speak to her at her office and she has not returned ANY of my messages. My daughter rents a flat from her in West Preston St and there has been ongoing issues with heating since late November. Months without heating, excuses, supposed repairs that never happen, quick repairs that last a week ( if that), promised workmen not turning up, workmen turning up with wrong keys, ..........the list is seemingly endless. It is now February. There's a red weather warning out, snow two feet high outside the door, the temperature is minus six and STILL no heating. Even the mice (yes there are mice too) have left for warmer spaces. Dunpark is a DISGRACE. Email from them today to explain why yet again no-one turned up to fix the boiler also said, "Our Managing Director, John, even drove during a RED WEATHER WARNING yesterday to personally deliver electric heaters to your property. This was done when most of the roads, not to mention businesses including many other letting agents, in Edinburgh were closed". And this may well sum up Dunpark...it’s been since November that there has been no heating. That's three and a half months. To wait till a red weather warning and "a time when businesses including many other letting agents, in Edinburgh were closed” to attempt to address the situation says more about the incompetency of the company than of any heroism on the part of John. I have two further comments regarding the 'story' of the website:- 1. Emma says on the website that her company is named to remember her dad "it was a way for his memory to live on "- Clearly not fond memories of dad then. 2. Quoting from the website "the husband and wife team have visions of carrying the business forward, operating in a larger geographic area and delivering more property services for clients." I would urge them not to. They can't even deal with the properties they already have on their books. Please don't expand. No-one else needs to have Dunpark inflicted on them. This may seem like a personal attack on the owner of Dunpark but after months of trying to get my daughter a warm flat I am a parent with a serious grievance. I have tried being professional, I have tried being business like, I have tried phoning daily and I have tried visiting the offices but absolutely NOTHING seems to work with this company. I am a mother whose daughter is renting a flat from another mother who is treating my daughter very poorly.. so yes this is a "personal" review.

Aisla Staniforth
Average fee
% of asking price
Avg. time to sell

MOV8 Real Estate - Scotland, Head Office

88 Newington Road,Edinburgh
Average fee
% of asking price
Avg. time to sell

Central Business Sales Ltd - Edinburgh

12 South Charlotte Street,Edinburgh

I wanted my business sold very discreetly and that's what Central Business Sales did. We managed to sell very quickly before staff found out. We got just over the asking price so was happy all round,

Natasha Strome

Got a leaflet from Central Business Sales at my shop. Checked them out and all seemed good. Got them in to value shop and get an idea about them as heard many bad stories about other agents and they all seemed to be down south. These guys are local and had great local knowledge. They even knew who my landlord was and the size of the shop before I had a chance to tell them Was all good very simple indeed, infarct i was surprised how easy. They did everything. They also agreed to do my first viewing as i was a bit nervous. 5 star service and more than happy if not a little surprised on the excellent service

Gracie Miller
Average fee
% of asking price
Avg. time to sell

Neilsons (and Karen Jack in particular) are experts in the world of property conveyancing - of that there is absolutely no doubt. What sets them apart is that although they do it all day every day their customers do it but a few times in life and really need to be taken by the hand and guided through the complex maze of buying and selling. This they do with aplomb. Every call and meeting we had was met with smiling efficiency and the whole thing progressed like a well oiled machine. Many thanks to all.

Norman Henderson

My experience with Neilsons started of Great. Dealing with Dave he was very efficient and quick to respond thought the whole process. However there was an ongoing Roof replacement on the property I was purchasing . I had raised my concerns to be investigated more to ensure I didn't have to pay for the bill. Dave passed this onto another member of the team who after consulting with the sellers solicitor confirmed I didn't have to pay for the roof replacement. The day I moved into the property I got a letter stating that I had to pay for the remaining 2/3 of the roof replacement which was just over £2000. Apparently only 1/3 of the roof had been replaced which I feel should have been picked up. This experience left me feeling a bit let down by Neilsons however It wouldn't put me off solely using Dave.

Jack Morrison
Average fee
% of asking price
Avg. time to sell
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