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About Eastbank Studios Ltd - London

Eastbank Studios Ltd London mainly list properties in E10. Over the last 6 months, they've listed 0 properties, with 0 currently on the market. Most of the properties listed have undefined bedrooms. They list properties for sale on undefined.

Branch Address

141 Hoe Street,London, E17 3AL

Opening Times
Monday 9:00am - 5:00pm
Tuesday 9:00am - 5:00pm
Wednesday 9:00am - 5:00pm
Thursday 9:00am - 5:00pm
Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm
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  1. In February 2019 the number of properties listed was 0
  2. In March 2019 the number of properties listed was 0
  3. In April 2019 the number of properties listed was 0
  4. In May 2019 the number of properties listed was 0
  5. In June 2019 the number of properties listed was 0
  6. In July 2019 the number of properties listed was 0
  7. In August 2019 the number of properties listed was 0

Properties listed and sold by Eastbank Studios Ltd - London

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    No recent market activity for Eastbank Studios Ltd - London

Sold Properties

In the last 6 months, Eastbank Studios Ltd - London have listed 0 properties.

567 High Road Leyton
Asking Price
Sold Price
Sold on 19th December 2018
62 Winns Terrace
Asking Price
Sold Price
Sold on 14th August 2018

Property listings are matched to data from the Land Registry by our clever algorithm. Clever as it may be, it isn't always right, especially if a property was listed by multiple agents. The asking price is the original listing price, NOT the final listing price. Data produced by Land Registry © Crown copyright 2019.

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Latest Reviews for Eastbank Studios Ltd - London

We had the misfortune of renting a property from Eastbank Studios for 4.5 years, moving out in January 2018 due to them wanting to increase the rent by £300 per month. The list of issues we had dealing with them is extensive but I will attempt to give an overview below:

- When we first moved in, we specifically asked whether it came fully furnished. We were reassured that it came with everything you would expect. Once we had signed the contract and moved in, we found there was no washing machine in the kitchen. We contacted Eastbank and were told “Oh, no, we no longer provide washing machines as we find they break down and we have to replace them.” We ended up having to rent a machine for £15 a month.

- All the furniture provided was of the lowest and cheapest quality you could imagine. The wooden table fell to bits within a couple of months.

- Email correspondence from Eastbank was often poorly and unprofessionally written. Bad spelling, bad grammar, incoherent and written in multi coloured Comic Sans. It would often take multiple emails to get any kind of proper resolutions.?

- We had an electrical fault where the fuse box burnt out and we lost all power. We called out an emergency Electrician to come and have a look who informed us that the electronics were over 60 years old and illegal. He said we were very lucky it hadn’t caused a house fire.

- We had a severe damp problem in one of the rooms where the whole wall was covered in wet, black mold. A real danger to health. We emailed numerous times with no response. Called numerous times, left answerphone messages, nothing. I decided to go into the office to speak to them directly but when I arrived they refused to speak to me or let me in without an appointment. How am I supposed to get an appointment if they don’t reply to any of my emails or calls? Someone finally let me in after 30 minutes of standing outside and a heated conversation took place. It took them over 4 months to get around to fixing it, with my housemate forced to sleep on the living room sofa for the duration.

- Standard safety requirements such as smoke alarms or carbon monoxide detectors weren’t fitted until 3 years into the tenancy.?

- While speaking to Jacqui on the phone, she once informed me that she had let herself into our property earlier in the day to have a look around. When I informed her that by law she had to give us 24 hours notice, she replied “What ya gonna do?”

- A friend was due to take over one of our rooms so we went through the necessary arrangements to put him on the contract. When he arrived at their offices to sign the contract, having specifically booked a day off work and having been unable to get a response from them via email or phone, they refused to let him in without an appointment. After 30- 40 minutes of waiting outside and ringing the buzzer, someone finally let him in, at which point a full-blown shouting match apparently ensued. My friend contacted me that day to explain what had happened and that he was unwilling to go into any into kind of agreement with this company and would have to pull out at the last minute. We were left with having an empty room and having to cover the rent ourselves until we could find someone else to fill it.

- The back garden was a dump with loads of rubbish etc for the duration of our tenancy. This was a shared garden with the neighbour below but apparently this should have been Eastbank’s responsibility to maintain. For example the metal steps going down into the garden were crumbling with rust and a danger to walk on.

- Every time, we would add someone new to the contract, they would try and slap us with yet another rent increase.

- Towards the end of the tenancy we received a text message informing us that painters would be coming around the following day to re-paint the flat. Concerned as to what had prompted this, we contacted Eastbank and spoke to the painters and Jason the repair man about the purpose of the painting. They promised us that there was nothing to worry about and that it was just the responsibility of the letting agent to freshen up the property every 4-5 years. Some of the walls were a bit scruffy so we cautiously agreed for them to go ahead. In what turned out to be a massive upheaval, we had the painters in the property for over two weeks. They took down all our artwork and fixtures without asking us which was a huge pain to have to put back up. 3 days after the painting had been completed, we received an email from Eastbank that the rent would be increasing by £300 per month. We felt deceived into allowing all this work to take place while we were happily still covering the rent, only for them to essentially hold us to ransom and force us out of our home.

- In the end we decided enough was enough and we weren’t prepared to be pushed around with such huge increases in the rental amount. The figure they were looking for was clearly over what the property was worth. A fact that was reflected by the property being empty for over two months after we left and them having to decrease the figure they were asking for. So in essence they lost more money by having the property empty for that time than if they had accepted our offer of a £150 increase in the rent per month. Plus, they lost long-term tenants who always paid our rent on time and looked after the property as if it was our own.

- Once we had moved out Jacqui contacted us with a list of deductions from our deposits. Despite our cleaning job being impeccable, Jacqui insisted we would need to pay for a professional cleaner to come out and re-clean the toilet, oven, carpets and fridges. I provided photos we had taken clearly showing spotless fridges, toilets etc. She responded by saying she had misplaced her photos of the dirty items and attached photos of the dirty carpet. The photos she attached were of a completely different property. We decided it wasn’t worth our time or energy to raise a dispute and paid the extra deductions so we could be done with Eastbank as soon as we possibly could.

- The remaining deposit was returned 4 weeks late, only after repeated emails and chasing.

This agency epitomises everything that is wrong with the rental market in London. Letting agents driven by greed and with a complete disregard for the people who make their homes and lives in the property they rent out.

Eastbank Studios. “Viable, Reliable and Safe.”

GetAgent Review - this review has passed our basic verification procedure.

Dealing with our agent Lulu has been a real pleasure. Great communication and always friendly.

Third Party Review - this review has not been verified by GetAgent.

I had to work with Eastbank to have some shared guttering replaced, with a house they manage. I found Jacqui a pleasure to work with, she returned my calls and emails promptly and the whole process was simple and straightforward as a result. A good company to deal with.

Third Party Review - this review has not been verified by GetAgent.

We’ve been in our Eastbank flat for 6 weeks now and haven’t had any issues, Raluca has always been very helpful, polite and responsive and the whole process was smooth and hassle free. No complaints!

Third Party Review - this review has not been verified by GetAgent.

From my personal experience I would have no hesitation in recommending Eastbank Studios. The location of my studio apartment in a lovely "older" block was simply the best. As well as an on site caretaker who became a friend, Eastbank were generally prompt with dealing with any requests for which I must say there were very few and very minor.

Love to Jacqui who was great throughout my time. What was a 6 month tenancy ended almost 3 years later!

I would certainly use their services again.

Third Party Review - this review has not been verified by GetAgent.

I have previously rented with east bank for just over 2 years in the Leytonstone area and overall had a great experience with them. Quick response if something did need repairs and lovely people.

Third Party Review - this review has not been verified by GetAgent.

Can't give less than 1 star - awful company - purchase agreed, no sign of any issue, then morning of proposed exchange they pull out...when you call to ask what's changed they'll inform you "I don't know what to say, no one is dealing with that now" as if they've not been involved at all. Be aware of any listings from this company

Third Party Review - this review has not been verified by GetAgent.

Out of the 10 different agencies I've hired from in my short time as a renter this company takes the cake.

With only 12 days notice before our move in date they decide to cancel our tenancy agreement due to a delay on our part for submitting forms.

We were given less than a week to complete an online form for their legal agency Legal 4 Landlords. This form is riddled with problems and errors, and it took 4 days and 3 new links to finally complete the form successfully. But apparently that is our fault and we were too slow. I had complained to the agency that I was having issues with their legal firms online forms, and that was used against us as reason to terminate our policy.

We had been given paperwork a few days before the Christmas holidays. However we were all at home away from computers that would allow us to complete the forms. This was mentioned to the agency and a clear line of communication had always been held. Bare in mind we'd already paid our deposits before even beginning paperwork. We all returned our paperwork promptly after the holidays.

However we were told our guarantor forms would take too long to process before moving in and were therefor terminated our move. Despite having paid a deposit months previously.

We have now been left with 12 days, to find somewhere new to live.

This companies callous approach to handling peoples homes has left 4 young professionals borderline homeless. As we had already confirmed our move in dates, handed in our notice to our current house and found people to move into our old house.

In 12 days we will be homeless unless we can somehow all find somewhere to live.

Thank you Eastbank Studios, and Legal 4 Landlords for starting the new year off horribly.

Third Party Review - this review has not been verified by GetAgent.

Highly dishonest and untrustworthy. I could go into detail but don't want to waste the energy or relive the experience with them. Avoid them at all costs and their unprofessional office staff. How Jacqui is employed by anyone is a glowing endorsement for back to work schemes, proving they can get the most acrid and toxic people in society jobs.

Do not expect:

Repairs to be handled quickly or even at all.

Pleasant interactions with staff. We were burgled and were shouted at as they 'didn't have the right insurance so will have to pay for a new window'

Deposit to be returned even if the property is vacated in the same state as when you moved in.

I know letting agents are very scummy generally but Eastbank are the elite when it come to deceptive thievery. Honestly avoid at all costs for your own piece of mind.

Third Party Review - this review has not been verified by GetAgent.

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