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EA2 Estate Agents

49 reviews
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13 weeks

About EA2

EA2 have 1 branches and they mainly list properties in and E1W. Over the last six months, they've listed 22 properties, with an average time to sale of 13 weeks.

EA2 fees

Estate Agent fees vary depending on the area and the level of service offered. In the areas EA2 operate, the average fee is 2.01%.

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Latest reviews for EA2

Jon Rowling
EA2 managed the letting of my investment flat for years. Never had a single problem, excellent directors and staff. Highly recommended.... Read more
9 weeks ago
Alessio Lombardi
Until you have no issue with your apartment, all is fine with EA2. As soon as a problem arises, you can bet that they will do the bare minimum required, only with the intention of disclaiming any liability. We had no heating for 3 months due to a severe system fault. They never once give the impression that they had an effective correspondence with the landlord about this. We had to tolerate engineers coming into our apartment, doing disruptive yet useless attempts to repairs, while we had to use electrical heaters to warm ourselves. We were first repeatedly told that we would had to wait until the end of the contract to leave. After extenuating discussion lasting for 3 months, we managed to break the contract early, but no compensation was given for the extra electrical consumption - and we kept on paying also the normal heating, which was included in the rent. Again, they never once give the impression that they communicated effectively with the landlord, and in one of the last conversation they even stated that "the landlord was surprised and awfully sorry to learn about the situation". Well, after 3 months of no heating, shouldn't he had known earlier? Finally, they also claimed 200£ from our Deposit "for cleaning", when the amount of repairs needed to restore the heating includes re-doing the floors... The correspondence was always ineffective with EA2 about the entire issue. Samantha was always dismissive, to the point of being rude. Other employee were better, but most of the correspondence was eventually "taken care of" by Samantha. Some emails were plainly ignored by them. An advice if you ever find yourself in a similar situation. If your notice period is 2 months, find a new place that allows you to move within 1 month and sign that new contract. As soon as you've signed, stop paying the rent to EA2. The only thing that they will be able to do is withhold your Deposit (they will still some way to take money out of it anyway). If I could go back, given how dismissive and unprofessional they were, I would 100% do this.... Read more
14 weeks ago
Anne Ng
I am writing as the landlord of the property described in the review from Mai. I was made aware that the tenants were not happy with the flat soon after they moved in. At that time they were given the option of being released from their contract without penalty and moving out. They refused to do so stating that they really like the flat particularly the garden. EA 2 have let and managed our property since 2012. We have never had any problems with them as our agent and they have always treated us and all our previous tenants professionally and fairly. Tenants concerns are always passed on to us and we respond accordingly to the concerns. We do understand that sometimes this may cause a delay, but this is not due to EA2 not giving us the information. The current tenants have had every request they have made responded to by EA2 as soon as possible and those concerns are then passed on to me as the landlord. They were given the chance to inspect the property prior to moving in and accepted the conditions of the flat at that time. They were never promised a new carpet, the original was professionally cleaned and they agreed it was acceptable. The dishwasher was repaired and then replaced as soon as they reported it as faulty. Other repairs have been carried out as soon as it is practical, getting quotes and arranging trades people cannot happen instantly. Water leaked into the dining room because the tenant continued to use the shower which obviously had blocked drain, letting water over flow out of the shower and onto the tiles and eventually through the ceiling. Our agents have continued to respond to their requests which can be demanding, the latest being for the removal of a bag of rubbish in the garden which they say is left from the previous tenants and is attracting rats, which despite being in residence since September they have only just noticed. After being involved with EA2 for the past nine years, I can state this review does not reflect the efficient, professional agency who genuinely care about the tenants they represent.... Read more
18 weeks ago
Tahnoon Bin Ali
My experience with EA2 Estate Agency was exceptional. Mr. Rick helped find us a perfect apartment. And Ms. Samantha helped us with securing the property very quick. The rest of the team were professional including Grace and Barry. They were quick in responding to emails and helped us with answering questions we have asked. I highly recommend EA2 Estate Agency to anyone looking for a new place!... Read more
22 weeks ago
Karolina Korzy?ska
I have been letting a property from EA2 for more than 5 years and I have to say this was a pleasure. They are very professional, helpful, friendly and very responsive to every issue we had. Especially Sam. They always had been very fair with us and we never had any unsolved problems in the house for longer than you would expect. I would highly recommend.... Read more
26 weeks ago
Océane Ghemmaz
Thank you EA2 for the past two years. You've been really helpful and professional. I would definitely recommend! :)... Read more
31 weeks ago

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EA2 - Wapping
35a Wapping High Street, E1W 1NR
Jon Rowling
EA2 managed the letting of my investment flat for years. Never had a single problem, excellent directors and staff. Highly recommended.... Read more
2 months ago
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