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Edwards Estate Agents

Edwards Estate Agents

45 reviews
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Average time to sale
1 weeks

About Edwards Estate Agents

Edwards Estate Agents have 1 branches and they mainly list properties in and BS3. Over the last six months, they've listed 1 properties, with an average time to sale of 1 weeks.

Edwards Estate Agents fees

Estate Agent fees vary depending on the area and the level of service offered. In the areas Edwards Estate Agents operate, the average fee is 1.08%.

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Latest reviews for Edwards Estate Agents

Richard Simmons
Excellent professional yet personal service. Can't rate them highly enough.... Read more
18 weeks ago
Bernie Smith
I recently had dealings with this estate agent whilst exploring renting options for family. I was also considering purchasing a property. Unfortunately my experience was so negative I quickly changed my mind. One member of staff I dealt exclusively with, Jodie, was without doubt the rudest, most unhelpful officious individual, I have ever encountered. Devoid of any warmth or charm, I found her aggressive, confrontational and from a business perspective, a total liability. I cannot imagine how appalling the service might be if, as a tenant/ purchaser you ever had a problem. In almost 15 years experience as both a private landlord and home owner this person exemplified the very worst aspects of the industry.... Read more
26 weeks ago
Johnathan Ken
Entered an agreement about renting a propety. I recieved an email confirming this and agreeded upon a holding fee. I paid the holding fee before the alloted time. I tried ringing the office but it went to voicemail. I left a voicemail confirming my payment of the holding fee. I then recieved a call at midday the following day to inform me because they didn't recieve confimation, the landlord has pulled out of the agreement and moved onto new tenants. Fair to say I was left completely stunned by the lack of response and the ridicilous window of time between the agreement, payment and confimation made on my part. Literally less than 12 hours.... Read more
28 weeks ago
Giving this company 1 star is extremely generous. Never have I dealt with such dismissive, cold and selfish people. EVER! My housemates and I were all working, respectful individuals. Rent was always paid on time and we looked after the property. When an issue arose, we contacted the agency straight away only to be left with long delays and no resolutions. Resulting in us as a household to deal with the issues but ofcourse this was the wrong way. After renting with this agency for 10 months, safe to say I am glad to be out of there! Dealing in particular with Jodie was very difficult. I am not one to name and shame but she never filled me with confidence when I came to her with an issue. She even refused to speak to me at one point. I paid for maintenance repairs out of my own pocket for a property I don't even own and waited weeks to be reimbursed. I hate to submit a negative review, but I strongly felt this was necessary to warn others not use this agency to save your energy and sanity.... Read more
43 weeks ago
Anna Sietinsone
In these hard times of Covid taking over our lives, we had an issue with cement bits coming off roof. We send 5 emails with all the details and pictures. And what did we get? Abuse, being called names on email from Jodie. Thank you. That's how you treat NHS staff.... Read more
46 weeks ago
Abbi Casey
We rented through Edwards for a about a year, Jodie was the agent. When we initially viewed the house there were assurances that broken things would be fixed etc and lots of smiles. The reality is very different. A cupboard that opens upwards had a faulty hinge. I asked for repair twice and it then fell onto my husband's head, badly cutting him. No apology or hint of concern received, cupboard hinge removed from the house by their handyman who they call an engineer, never returned or fixed. Damp patches on the walls, which the 'engineer' (read handyman) came to touch and said didn't 'feel wet anymore' and we were asked to liaise with neighbours about a possible leak because they couldn't be bothered. That was never fixed either. As a landlord I would want my house taken care of, not left to structural ruin. Oven was faulty for almost the entire time we were there, then when it finally broke completely it was replaced - but a week or so later, after less than a year being there, we got a notice to say the rent was going to be increased by more than 10% (£105 pcm) and they said we were lucky that it wasn't being increased more as it was definitely worth hundreds more than that; they said it was them being nice as we were good tenants. They actually listed it for the £105 more not the hundreds claimed. All communications were dismissive, patronising and plainly uncaring to the fact that this was our home and we paid them a hefty amount each month for the pleasure, totally unprofessional. We were also charged £66 for a contractor to remove a mop and a dustpan that were in the property when we moved in. So, so relieved to be out of there, even though we were forced to agree to unreasonable fees. In my opinion you should be very careful if you trust them with your home or you want to rent through them. I would not at all recommend them.... Read more
15 mo. ago

All 1 Edwards Estate Agents branches

Edwards Estate Agents - Southville
12 North Street, Southville, BS3 1HT
Richard Simmons
Excellent professional yet personal service. Can't rate them highly enough.... Read more
4 months ago
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Find your nearest Edwards Estate Agents branch

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