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How Much Does Conveyancing Cost?


Typically, solicitors charge in different ways. Some operate on a fixed fee, while others opt for a percentage of your property price. Many also offer an hourly rate charge but this isn’t always the best option as it’s more difficult to pin down a cost. The basic cost for a solicitor can come in at around the £500 mark (with an extra cost if you’re selling a leasehold property).

Costs vary depending on the work involved and the value of the property, and normally range from £500 to £1500.

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What are disbursements?

On top of your basic solicitor or conveyancer fee, you will have to pay disbursement costs. These are fees that your legal professional pays on your behalf through the selling process.

These costs are all fixed standard charges so your conveyancing quotes shouldn’t look too different in the disbursements section. Be careful though as many conveyancing firms are known to invent added charges, especially online service providers.

Here’s the common charges you should expect to see:

Land Registry Office Copies
These are needed to confirm you as the registered titleholder
£4 - £8
Land Registration Fee
This cost depends on the price of the property you're buying
£40 - £700
Telegraphic Transfer Fee
This charge only applies if you have a mortgage with over £60,000 to redeem. Amounts less than this can be redeemed using BACS.
£25 - £35
Local Authority Searches
The costs of these vary. Look for conveyancing quotes that ask you to provide the postcode of the property you're buying - these are usually more accurate.
£100 - £200
Drainage Search
This is to check the property has connection to fresh and foul water sewers. The cost does vary a little between water companies.
£35 - £50
Chancel Repair Liability Search
This is to check whether you are liable to pay a contribution to the upkeep of the local parish church.
Environmental Search
Checks for evidence of contamination on (and round) the land you're buying. If contamination is found, you could end-up liable for the clean-up costs.
£36 - £42
Location Specific Local Searches
Checks for coal, limestone, China clay and tin mining may be required. As a rough rule of thumb, each additional search should cost no more than £45 - £70.
£40 - £250

Always ask or challenge your solicitor or conveyancer if you’re unsure of any fee costs. Do your homework, especially with things like disbursements as they are standard across the board. There’s loads of free and people-friendly advice and info out there for you.

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