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Improve Your Mortgage Chances


Whether you get approved for a mortgage or not may seem out of your control - but it really isn't!

The bank will be looking at your current financial situation and how you have acted in the past, to decide how risky they think lending to you would be.

This approval process used to be performed manually by the Branch Manager, but is now largely computerised. This means it is now much more consistent and fair - in the past you could have been turned down in the Branch Manager didn't like you!

And this also means that if you know what the computer algorithm is looking for, you can make sure you tick all the right boxes (and none of the wrong ones!).


  • Increase the size of your deposit
  • Apply for realistic mortgages - applying for many unrealistic mortgages that get disapproved will negatively effects your credit score and capacity for getting the best plan for you
  • Eliminate credit card balances
  • Pay bills consistently
  • Shop around - see what the market has to offer as they are competing for your business; we have provided you with the best websites


  • Switch jobs - if you are looking to move jobs, you should perhaps focus on securing a mortgage first, since your employment with that previous job accentuates your high probability for long-term employment, thus increasing your chances.
  • Make major purchases - purchasing a car, major appliances, furniture, etc. will not be a good sign to potential lenders
  • Take any unpaid time off
  • Open or increase any liabilities

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