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Home buying tips & advice
09 May 2022

Second house viewing tips

GetAgent Team

Table of contents

  1. 1. What to check during a second house viewing
  2. 2. How many times should you view a house before buying?
  3. 3. Can you put an offer on a house before viewing?
  4. 4. Should I put an offer in before a second viewing?
  5. 5. How long should a second viewing take?
  6. 6. What to do after a second viewing

Read our comprehensive guide on what to check for (and what to ask) during your second viewing of a house. The checklist is equally handy for sellers: make sure you have answers for all of the points we’ve listed below, and use the checklist to identify any areas that might need repairs or cleaning prior to the second viewing.

What to check during a second house viewing

The bathrooms

  1. Check the water pressure in the shower and taps.
  2. See if the toilet flushes correctly.
  3. Make sure that there’s adequate storage space available (i.e. under the sink).
  4. Is there a bath? If not, is there enough room to add one during renovations?
  5. How long does it take for hot water to come through?

The bedrooms

  1. Bring a tape measure with you so you can ensure all of your furniture and other possessions fit in the space available.
  2. Consider whether the paint or wallpaper needs replacing.
  3. Check out the view. Are there buildings in the way? Are there any trees whose leaves will block the view in spring or summer?
  4. Is the room too hot or cold? Are there any noticeable draughts?
  5. How big are the closets and storage areas, if any?

The kitchen

  1. Ask how old the appliances are - the oven, dishwasher, washing machine and so on.
  2. Are there any stains on the wall, particularly near the hobs and worktops?
  3. How much worktop space is available?
  4. How much storage space is in the cupboards?
  5. Check the taps work in the sink, and note the size of the sink and draining area.

The neighbourhood

  1. How noisy is the general area? Be particularly mindful of this at night-time or early morning.
  2. How far away are the shops and supermarkets? Sellers should be prepared to give an overview of the local area.
  3. If you have children, check how far away the schools and nurseries are.
  4. Are there transport links, like train and bus stations, within walking distance?
  5. Check how well maintained the surrounding properties are. This gives some indication of how often the local authorities take care of the area.
  6. If you drive, check the availability of parking. Also, find out if a parking permit is required.

Additional questions and things to check

  1. Inspect the boiler. Is it relatively new? If not, has it been serviced recently?
  2. Check out the electrics. Are all the light switches working? Does the building have a modern fuse board, or will it need to be replaced?
  3. Give the loft a thorough inspection, particularly the insulation. Poor loft insulation can greatly affect the warmth throughout the rest of the property.
  4. Ask how much recurring bills might be: utilities, council tax, and maintenance work.
  5. Check the layout of the property. Are you after an open-plan layout? Will you be able to move in easily?
  6. Check for mobile phone reception and internet access. Sellers should keep in mind who previous providers were, as well as the quality of service.
  7. Ask if any renovation work needs to be done. Sellers may want to price this work before it comes up at the viewing.
  8. Have a look for any pests or bugs that might become an issue, both in the house and in the gardens.
  9. If you see any recent work, ask why it was done. For this reason, sellers should make sure any last-minute touch ups of the property prior to a viewing are good-quality.

View our complete second house viewing checklist here.

How many times should you view a house before buying?

Typically, people view a house between two and four times before they buy. However, you should view a house as many times as you feel is necessary. If you’re unsure about something or want to view the house at different times of day, go back as many times as it takes before you feel confident.

Can you put an offer on a house before viewing?

In particularly competitive markets, buyers may consider putting an offer on a house before they have viewed it to make sure their interest is registered. However, some sellers will not take these offers seriously because they were made without any knowledge of the property.

Should I put an offer in before a second viewing?

It’s possible, but not generally advisable. You should view several houses once to create a shortlist, and then view all the shortlisted properties a second time to ensure they have been thoroughly inspected.

How long should a second viewing take?

Take as much time as you feel is necessary. A first house viewing might take around half an hour, but as the second viewing is more thorough, feel free to spend twice that amount of time (an hour or more) looking around.

What to do after a second viewing

After a second viewing, assuming you’re interested in buying the property, you should begin the process of making an offer. Two important tasks to make this easier are:

On the seller’s side, it’s wise to ask the buyers for their conclusions after the second viewing, so you can prepare for the next steps. The more information you have, the smoother the sales process will be.

For more information on what to ask when buying or viewing a property, check out our guide on the best questions to ask when buying a house.

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