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  2. How much does scaffolding cost?
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09 January 2024

How much does scaffolding cost?

Kimberley Taylor
Writer & Researcher

Table of contents

  1. 1. What is scaffolding hire?
  2. 2. So, how much does scaffolding cost?
  3. 3. Average costs for different types of scaffolding
  4. 4. The cost of hiring scaffolding
  5. 5. Table of scaffolding hire costs
  6. 6. What affects scaffolding costs?
  7. 7. Additional scaffolding hire prices
  8. 8. Hiring scaffolding versus buying scaffolding
  9. 9. Scaffolding cost breakdown
  10. 10. Chimney work
  11. 11. Conservatories and greenhouses
  12. 12. Loft conversion
  13. 13. Gutter repair
  14. 14. Semi-detached homes
  15. 15. Solar panels
  16. 16. Summary: It all depends on size and type!

You might be thinking about taking on a big new home renovation project. Maybe you want some roof repairs done, or a new loft conversion, or even a new extension to your property.

But before you start building, you need to make sure you're on top of your scaffolding. It's super important for safety and getting the job done properly.

So just how much does scaffolding cost? Let's find out.

What is scaffolding hire?

If you're thinking about carrying out some works on your home and need to reach higher parts of the building (usually if it's at least above head height), you're probably going to need scaffolding.

Scaffolding refers to a temporary structure that's built outside your property during building or repair works. The tradespeople (or those carrying out the works to your building) will need to use it to get around the property safely and ensure the building work is done properly.

It's usually made from metal poles and wooden boards and planks, and can come in a variety of sizes depending on what you need to hire scaffolding for.

Why is scaffolding needed?

Most importantly, scaffolding keeps workers safe when building or repairing at heights. The safety standards of simply using a ladder are (as you can imagine) not very good. Scaffolding offers a much safer solution for those working on the building by providing more stability - not to mention scaffolding boards can also be used as a platform for tools and other building materials.

So, how much does scaffolding cost?

The cost of scaffolding will depend on several factors, one of the main being the type of scaffolding you want to hire.

Average costs for different types of scaffolding

Single scaffolding cost

Single tower scaffolding is usually for bricklaying. It's made up of a single frame of standards and is shaped like an upside down L. The cost of a single scaffold would be between £90 and £130.

Double scaffolding cost

Double scaffolding is usually used for stone masonry work. There are more metal poles in double scaffolding, it takes longer to erect than single scaffolding and is shaped like an H. Excluding set up costs, double scaffolding costs between £200 and £300.

Patented scaffolding cost

Patented scaffolding features a ready-made frame and boards that have already been fixed into brackets. This helps to cut down labour costs. Patented scaffolding costs anywhere between £100 and £400.

Cantilever scaffolding cost

This is often used when the ground below the property can't hold traditional scaffolding. It's usually made of metal, and will generally cost between £50 and £100 to hire.

Suspended scaffolding cost

Because this type of scaffolding can take several hours to set up, it will usually cost several hundreds of pounds to hire (or even more for large projects).

Trestle scaffolding cost

Trestle scaffolding installed indoors, and can only be set up to five metres in heights. It only takes up to an hour to set up trestle scaffolding, so hiring costs can be as little as £10 to £20.

Steel scaffolding cost

Steel scaffolding is a really popular choice because of its safety value, and because it's strong and robust. This makes it really good for a construction site. To hire scaffolding like this, it could cost you anything between £100 and £400, though some prices may lie outside of this range depending on the size.

The cost of hiring scaffolding

Scaffolding costs vary depending on a number of different factors, from the type of scaffolding structure to the scaffolding company you choose to work with.

On average, having a single tower assembled is between £200 and £300. Scaffolding prices for a chimney fall between £450 and £550. Conservatory scaffolding hire costs fall between £450 and £550. Scaffolding on three sides of a semi detached house will cost between £800 and £1000. And the cost of scaffolding on three sides of a detached bungalow is between £600 to £700.

Table of scaffolding hire costs

Job DescriptionTotal cost
Scaffold Tower£200-£300
Semi-detached house (three sides)£800-£1200
Detached bungalow (three sides)£600-£700
Bridging over a conservatory£450-£550
Gutter repair£250-£400
Face of a property for roofing£400-£450
Front of property for painting£480-£520
Detached home for painting£1480-£1520

What affects scaffolding costs?

Some of the obvious factors that affect scaffolding costs are the type and size of the scaffolding structure and the number of workers you need to hire. Other factors include ease of access and the location of the property.


There can be a huge difference in scaffolding costs depending on where in the UK you live. For example, scaffolding prices in the southeast of England (especially London) are higher than the national average in most areas, while the north of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland boast lower scaffolding costs.

Rural areas also tend to have lower scaffolding costs, as they have much easier access points than busy cities. Because buildings in rural areas are more sparse, it's easier to set up the scaffolding and carry out the works, making it much cheaper to hire.

Size and type of scaffolding structure

As we mentioned before in more detail, the type and size of the scaffolding will affect scaffold hire prices.

Number of tradespeople

The cost of scaffolding will also depend on how many people you need to hire to set it up. Naturally, if you need more than one tradesperson to put the scaffolding together, you're going to be looking at a higher labour cost, so the cost of scaffolding overall will be more expensive.

The time needed to hire scaffolding

Longer projects require more time to erect scaffolding, meaning higher labour cost.

The number of working platforms you need

If you need more walking level platforms, this means you need more materials, more labour, more time to set up the scaffolding - all of which increases the overall cost. Each extra level will also need its own set of safety features, which adds to the overall cost even more.

Any extras and additional materials

Basic scaffolding might not be enough for your project. You might need extra equipment like ladders, ladder rungs, handrails, edge protectors and special walkways. Though you might have some of your own equipment, you'll probably need to factor the cost of these extras in the overall budget.

Additional scaffolding hire prices

If you're hiring scaffolding, there are often additional costs involved.

Minimum fixed fee

Most scaffolding companies charge a minimum fixed price for the hire period, which includes setting up and providing the scaffolding. This will then be added to your final bill (or included in your total bill in your original quote).

For example, if your project required scaffolding to be set all around a semi detached house and you were being charged per week, it would cost the same whether or not it took a week and two days or a week and five days - the minimum fixed fee would be per week for two weeks.

Labour costs

Different jobs will have different costs when it comes to labour. Labour costs will be more expensive if the property is more difficult to access and if you need more tradespeople to set it up. Location and weather conditions will have an impact too.

Extra needs

If you need a scaffolding bridge, you'll have to pay another £400 on top of the cost of scaffolding.

Interrupting public access

You'll need a permit from the local council if your scaffolding interrupts any public access to areas like roads or footpaths. Council licence fees are anything from £45 a month to £215 a week, depending on where you live. Charges can also differ depending on the size and scale of the scaffolding project.

Clearance and waste removal

You'll need to factor in the cost of waste removal services to get rid of any rubbish from the site, which will usually be around an extra £250.

Hiring scaffolding versus buying scaffolding

The biggest advantage of hiring scaffolding rather than buying it is that it's a lot cheaper. To buy scaffolding to keep will usually cost thousands of pounds, which is why a lot of people go for the much cheaper option and hire scaffolding instead.

However, it can be more cost effective in the long run to buy your own scaffolding if you were planning to use it more than once. But remember - it will wear down and lose strength and sturdiness the longer it's kept, so make sure the safety standards are suitable for people to work on the construction site.

Scaffolding cost breakdown

Chimney work

You might need to carry out chimney work if your chimney is in need of repair - in which case, there's usually scaffolding required for safe and easy access. The cost of a chimney scaffold will depend on where your chimney is - the eaves, ridge or gable end.

If the chimney is near the eaves, the average cost will be £600 per week. But if the chimney is harder to access in the middle of the house, it'll cost between £800 and £1000 per week.

Conservatories and greenhouses

For larger jobs that need more than a conservatory access ladder, you'll have to build a scaffolding bridge over the conservatory, which can cost between £400 and £900.

Because conservatories are much more difficult to access and are built with weaker materials like glass, it'll be harder to get to the roof tiles or the gutter. This makes the cost of scaffolding more expensive in this case.

Loft conversion

Roof work is often required for a loft conversion. In which case, you might need roof scaffolding, which will cost around £500 depending on the project.

Gutter repair

For gutter repair you can get an access tower which can act as scaffolding if the gutter isn't too high. This would cost between £70 and £150 per week. But if you're going for complete gutter repair scaffolding, this can range between £250 and £400 per week. You'll also need scaffolding if you're cleaning your gutter.

Semi-detached homes

The cost of scaffolding for a semi detached house ranges between £800 and £1200 per week. A semi-detached house is often one of the most expensive scaffolding options, and you'll need to determine if the scaffolding will reach your neighbour's boundary. The same goes for a terraced house. If it does, you'll need a permit - and you’ll have to look at your Party Wall Agreement.

If you need scaffolding for a terraced house, it's likely you'll need wall work, which can also be quite expensive. The average price is £310 per week for one side. And the average scaffolding prices overall would be between £960 and £1100.

And remember - if you require scaffolding for more than one level or the whole house, the cost will be more expensive.

Solar panels

The cost of scaffolding for solar panel installation is around £500, or 9% of the overall cost.

Summary: It all depends on size and type!

Ultimately, the cost of hiring scaffolding really varies depending on a number of factors, from the type of scaffolding you want to hire, to your location, to whereabouts in the property you need the scaffolding set up.

It's really important to do your research so you can budget properly according to your scaffolding hire needs and find the right scaffolding company for you.

And while you're in the process of adding value to your home - don't forget to check out our Online Valuation Tool for an instant valuation of your property!

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How much
is your home worth?

It’s always worth knowing the value of your home. Discover the price of your property with an instant valuation. GetAgent tracks the figures, so you don’t have to.

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