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  1. Blog
  2. The Most Searched For Celebrity Homes In 2022
Research & Insights
28 November 2022

The Most Searched For Celebrity Homes In 2022

GetAgent Team
The Most Searched For Celebrity Homes In 2022

Table of contents

  1. 1. The Top 20 Celebrity Homes with the Biggest Increase in Search Interest
  2. 2. The Top 20 Celebrity Homes with the Biggest Decrease in Search Interest
  3. 3. The Top 10 Celeb Homes With the Biggest Breakout of Searches
  4. 4. The Top 20 Most Searched for Celebrity Homes
  5. 5. Methodology

In the days before the internet existed, if we wanted to sneak a peek into other people’s homes it required more work than a couple of clicks. These days however, all it takes is a quick Google search and you can find a bounty of information on homes around the world - in particular, the beautifully designed apartments and mansions of some of the world’s most loved celebrities and how much they cost.

We wanted to discover exactly which celebrity homes we’re pining after the most - so we took to Google to find out. We analysed the search volume for the homes of almost 500 different celebrities from around the globe and ranked them according to which have seen the biggest fluctuations in interest over the last 12 months. So which celebrity homes do we want to look around the most? The results are in.

The Top 20 Celebrity Homes with the Biggest Increase in Search Interest

The celebrity home with the biggest spike in interest this year belongs to Molly Mae Hague, Love Island star and influencer and girlfriend of boxer Tommy Fury. Molly’s not-so-humble abode was followed by Florence Pugh’s LA mansion, and then Vogue Williams’s properties: a renovated home in Ireland, and a swanky townhouse in Chelsea that she shares with husband Spencer Matthews.

The rest of the top ten is made up of stunning properties like Anya Taylor-Joy’s $2.3 million converted hunting cabin up in the Hollywood Hills ,and Normani’s six-bed LA mansion, currently on the market for $4 million.

The homes of actresses Rebel Wilson and Vanessa Hudgens, and Selling Sunset agent Chrishell Stause were also amongst the celebrity houses which have seen the biggest spike in search interest in the past year.

RankCelebrityAnnual Searches 2021Annual Searches 2022Change
1Molly Mae Hague2,52064,800+2,471%
2Florence Pugh6008,640+1,340%
3Vogue Williams3604,680+1,200%
4Anya Taylor-Joy4804,680+875%
5Binky Felstead1201,080+800%
6Cassey Ho1201,080+800%
7Gemma Chan1201,080+800%
8Jude Bellingham2402,040+750%
10Tammy Abraham2401,680+600%
11Rebel Wilson6003,120+420%
12Hugo Weaving120600+400%
13Victoria Azarenka3601,680+367%
14Vanessa Hudgens12,00052,800+340%
16Venus Williams4,68019,200+310%
17Lourdes Leon120480+300%
19Caroline Hirons240840+250%
20Chrishell Stause15,60052,800+238%
20Gwyneth Paltrow15,60052,800+238%
20Nicola Peltz3,12010,560+238%

Molly Mae Hague

Molly Mae and boyfriend Tommy Fury’s home was burgled in late 2021, with £800,000 worth of belongings stolen - hitting the headlines, and likely responsible for the 2,471% increase in Google searches compared to the previous year. The couple now live in a luxurious £4 million property in Cheshire, complete with 5,000 square feet of land.

Florence Pugh

Not much is known about Florence Pugh’s current living arrangements. The actress was living with ex Zach Braff in an LA mansion, but the star has since kept her life fairly private as a result of receiving hate comments on Instagram that she’s publically called out numerous times. With her feature as the protagonist of this year’s film ‘Don’t Worry Darling’, where Harry Styles starred alongside her, searches for her living arrangements have increased by 1,340%.

Vogue Williams

With a 1,200% increase in interest, the homes of Vogue Williams and Made In Chelsea star husband Spencer Matthews are catching eyes all over the globe. The couple recently bought and renovated a home in Howth, Ireland, but their main home is located in Chelsea, London - where they’re raising their three kids.

The Top 20 Celebrity Homes with the Biggest Decrease in Search Interest

On the other end of the spectrum, are the homes we’ve lost the most interest in, and though Matt Hancock’s entry to the ‘I’m A Celebrity’ jungle may have everyone talking - it appears no one’s too interested in where he lives anymore. Matt Hancock’s home is followed by fellow politician Nicola Sturgeon’s and TikTok influencer Addison Rae’s.

The rest of the houses we’re not so keen on anymore include famed footballer Jack Grealish, who has just purchased a £6 million mansion, and another two TikTok influencers, Charli D’Amelio and James Charles - both of whom have seen huge drops in searches for their living situations.

TV presenter and national treasure Holly Willoughby, plus footballers David Luiz and Harry Kane were also amongst the celebrities whose homes saw a drop in interest in 2022, compared to 2021 searches.

RankCelebrityAnnual Searches 2021Annual Searches 2022Change
1Matt Hancock19,2001,320-93%
2Nicola Sturgeon34,8003,840-89%
3Addison Rae79,20015,600-80%
4Jack Grealish43,2008,640-80%
5Loren Gray8,6402,040-76%
6Piers Morgan15,6003,840-75%
7Scarlett Moffatt4,6801,320-72%
8Charli D’Amelio79,20022,800-71%
9Dan Levy7,0802,040-71%
10James Charles118,80034,800-71%
11Saffron Barker15,6004,680-70%
12Tom Hiddleston34,80010,560-70%
13Mo Farah12,0003,840-68%
14Gigi Hadid64,80022,800-65%
15Holly Willoughby64,80022,800-65%
16Tom Daley5,7602,040-65%
20Ellie Goulding7,0802,520-64%
20Joe Sugg7,0802,520-64%
20David Luiz1,680600-64%
20Olivia Attwood4,6801,680-64%
20Harry Kane43,20015,600-64%

Matt Hancock

The UK’s former health secretary lives in a stunning pad located in his constituency, West Suffolk, England. In May 2022, he welcomed a Ukrainian family fleeing the war, along with their four dogs. He also has a flat in London, where he stays when working in the nation’s capital. All this considered however, searches for his home have decreased by 93% over the last year - signalling a big downturn in interest.

Nicola Sturgeon

As the Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon has access to an impressive National Trust home located in Edinburgh, known as Bute House. The property is a category A listed building and is decked out with a regal, Georgian interior. However, she spends a lot of time in her Glasgow home, a more low key residence that’s filled with her favourite books. Searches for her home have decreased by 89% over the last year.

Addison Rae

Addison rose to fame on the video-sharing platform TikTok, and has since found herself inundated with Hollywood offers, launching her own music career and starring in Netflix film ‘He’s All That’. Forbes named her as the highest-earning TikTok personality in August 2020, but interest in her living quarters has since decreased, dropping by 80% over the last year.

The Top 10 Celeb Homes With the Biggest Breakout of Searches

When it comes to celebrities we’ve gone from having zero interest in, to having a sudden influx of searches over the last year - it’s the homes of premier league footballer Bukayo Saka and the shortest ever serving prime minister of the UK, Liz Truss, that take shared first place. Following behind is the Surrey based mansion of ex girlbander, Frankie Bridge.

The rest of the top 10 consists of more footballers, with Kalvin Phillips, Ben Chilwell and John Stones all featuring, alongside another ex-girlbander, Jesy Nelson, who left the global girl band Little Mix back in 2020.

RankCelebrityAnnual Searches 2021Annual Searches 2022
1Bukayo Saka07,080
2Liz Truss07,080
3Frankie Bridge04,680
4Kalvin Phillips04,680
5Ben Chilwell03,120
6Brie Larson03,120
7John Stones03,120
8Jesy Nelson02,520
9Jeremy Hunt02,040
10Louise Thompson02,040

Bukayo Saka

Bukayo was voted Arsenal’s player of the season in June 2022, and his £2.3 million home seems to have piqued the interest of those searching on Google within the same year, having gone from 0 searches up to 7,080 versus the same time period last year.

Liz Truss

Liz Truss certainly made a name for herself in 2022 earning herself the shortest tenure of any British Prime Minister ever before. Liz’s home nestled in Norfolk is fairly modest, but until recently she had access to a 115-room mansion known as Chevening House. Searches for her home have rocketed up to 7,080 this year.

Frankie Bridge

The ex-Saturdays star Frankie Bridge lives in a gorgeous Surrey mansion which she shares with her husband, sons, and in-laws - searches for her humble abode have risen from 0 to 4,680 in the last 12 months.

The Top 20 Most Searched for Celebrity Homes

As well as looking at the celebrity homes which have seen changes in search interest, we also wanted to reveal the celebrity homes which have received the most searches in 2022 so far. Though he owns a portfolio of properties, it was Elon Musk who received the most interest where he lives this year, with more than a million extra searches compared to the next celebs on the list - Kim Kardashian and Drake completed the top three, followed by fellow entrepreneurs Bill Gates and Kylie Jenner.

The rest of the top 10 is made up of other famous names like Johnny Depp, whose public trial this year likely contributed to the intrigue surrounding his 41-acre estate; Will Smith, whose extensively documented home cost an eye-watering $42 million; and footballer Messi, who just dropped $3 million to build a new mansion in Argentina.

Sportspeople including Tom Brady, Cristiano Ronaldo and Tiger Woods were also included in the top twenty, but it was the Kardashian family which dominated the rankings. The five sisters Kim, Kylie, Kendall, Khloe and Kourtney, plus everyone’s favourite mom-ager Kris Jenner all had over 100,000 searches for their respective homes - with almost 900,000 people searching for snaps of Kim Kardashian’s home.

RankCelebrityAverage Number of Searches 2022
1Elon Musk1,980,000
2Kim Kardashian888,000
4Bill Gates594,000
5Kylie Jenner486,000
6Johnny Depp325,200
7Will Smith325,200
8Lionel Messi325,200
10Justin Bieber266,400
11Kendall Jenner266,400
12Khloe Kardashian217,200
13Tom Brady217,200
14Ariana Grande177,600
15Cristiano Ronaldo177,600
16Kanye West177,600
17Kris Jenner177,600
18Taylor Swift177,600
20Harry Styles145,200
20Kourtney Kardashian145,200
20Tiger Woods145,200

Elon Musk

In May 2020, Elon Musk hit the headlines when he stated he’d be selling off his entire property portfolio, and in the years since he’s done exactly that. Once upon a time he owned four stunning mansions in Los Angeles, including Gene Wilder’s former home - along with other luxurious properties like a 100-year-old mansion in San Francisco. With almost 2 million people searching for his homes in the last year, it’s clear the general population is desperate to take a look inside.

Kim Kardashian

This year saw Kim Kardashian and husband Kanye split, with Kim getting the $60 million property in the divorce proceedings. For the 888,000 people searching for Kim’s house on Google, it’s not too tricky to find out what the house looks like, with the family always inviting cameras inside.


Drake’s 50,000 square foot extravagant manor in Toronto has been showcased online many times, but the most recent headlines surrounding the rapper’s abode are awash with rumours of a £10 million mansion purchase in Hackney, East London. The rumours haven’t been confirmed, but have earned him 726,000 Google searches. Since Top Boy, which Drake produces, is filmed in the surrounding areas, it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to assume it was him. If any of these luxurious properties have inspired you to move to some newer surroundings, use our Online House Valuation Tool to see what you could sell your property for, and find out how much a home in your dream location might cost.


We compiled a list of 480 celebrities through desk research using most famous lists from sites such as Forbes, IMDB, Ranker, E Online, Business Insider and then looked up the number of Google searches for their house in the last 12 months using Google Adwords Keyword Planner. The format "[celebrity] house" was used, in English only, for worldwide searches in Oct 2020 - Sept 2021 and Oct 2021 - Sept 2022 (the latest available data at the time of collection). The sum of all searches from the time period Oct 2021 - Sept 2022 was used as the total for 2022 and the 2021 and 2022 data was compared to reveal the percentage increase or decrease over the year. All data correct as of November 2022.

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How much
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It’s always worth knowing the value of your home. Discover the price of your property with an instant valuation. GetAgent tracks the figures, so you don’t have to.

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