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How Can I Make My Home More Valuable?

There are plenty of ways you can add value to your property, and not all require a big budget.

Home improvements can add as much as an extra 10% to the value of your home. A survey by the National Association of Estate Agents found that 50% of Estate Agents thought that adding a bedroom (usually a loft conversion) created the most additional value. This was closely followed by updating the kitchen. Research from Channel 4 Homes found that a typical 4 bedroom home with an en suite is worth £10,000 more than an equivalent property without an en suite.

Value can also be added through smaller projects or by simply ‘staging’ your home in a way that can drum up demand. Staging is about adding instant value through artful and clean presentation.

  • Declutter: Buyers like a ‘blank canvas’ onto which they can project their dream home. Think about removing all distracting furniture and clutter so that buyers can easily see the shape of each room. Making the most of natural light and using mirrors will create a light and open feel to your home.
  • A fresh coat of paint: It’s amazing how much difference a coat of paint can make. Neutral, light tones can make spaces appear bigger and brighter, and create the ideal blank canvas for a potential buyer. Freshly painting your front door can also help to create a great first impression.
  • The little details: One of the biggest turn-offs for potential buyers are bad smells. In the days before viewings make some small changes to prevent everyday smells leaving a bad impression. Open windows to air out rooms, and tackle the causes of cigarette smoke or unemptied bins.
  • There’s a cliche that you should bake bread on viewing days to fill your home with the aromas of domestic bliss. Brewing fresh coffee or lighting scented candles is an easier way to achieve the same effect. Investing in some plants or cut flowers is a cheap way to make a room look nice whilst also helping it smell lovely.

  • Look at your property with fresh eyes: It’s hard to see all the details and problems with your home if you’ve lived there a while. That dodgy light fitting or unkempt garden may have faded into the back of your mind, but these easily fixable things could leave a potential buyer with a poor impression. Go through each room with a family member or friend and make a list of any little bits that could do with cleaning or fixing.

The more time and money you’re able to put into your value-bumping mission, the greater the results will be. Many larger home improvement projects require certain permissions. Always check with your local authority if you’re unsure.

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