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Suzanne Graham

Suzanne Graham Estate Agents

12 reviews
Properties for sale
Average time to sale
11 weeks

About Suzanne Graham

Suzanne Graham have 2 branches and they mainly list properties in NE9 and NE16. Over the last six months, they've listed 53 properties, with an average time to sale of 11 weeks.

Suzanne Graham fees

Estate Agent fees vary depending on the area and the level of service offered. In the areas Suzanne Graham operate, the average fee is 1.33%.

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Top performing Suzanne Graham branches

Suzanne Graham - Whickham
Suzanne Graham - Whickham
Suzanne Graham - Whickham
Suzanne Graham - Whickham
Suzanne Graham - Whickham
Suzanne Graham - Whickham
Suzanne Graham - Whickham
Suzanne Graham - Whickham
Suzanne Graham - Whickham
Suzanne Graham - Whickham
Suzanne Graham - Whickham
Suzanne Graham - Whickham

Latest reviews for Suzanne Graham

Scott Sinfield
Rude and abusive staff. One member of staff (Nichola Thompson) didn't even know how references work! Nichola needs educating before she should continue as an estate agent.... Read more
25 weeks ago
Thomas Davison
Let my house in a week. Good communication and quality throughout ????... Read more
26 weeks ago
lewis brook
Absolutely horrendous customer service. Abusive and rude staff. Completely unprofessional. Failed to follow up on a written agreement. Would not recommend whatsoever. If anything this company needs reported. The fact that head and name of the company ‘Suzanne Graham’ is the most disgustingly rude and unprofessional member of staff says it all.... Read more
31 weeks ago
Robin Lawson
I viewed a property yesterday and was told they would probably go to best and final. I called this afternoon to discuss my interest in making an offer and I was told it had sold yesterday afternoon. Having spent time doing the viewing, speaking to my investor clients and running the numbers, this seems like a waste of my time and theirs. Why not contact all parties before accepting an offer and, if there's that much interest, why not go to best and final? The lady on the phone just kept saying there had been a lot of interest and didn't seem interested in listening to my feedback. On the plus side. the lady doing the viewings was very nice and helpful, and is the only reason I've given two stars. I won't be going out of my way to have dealings with this agency again.... Read more
35 weeks ago
Mike Ryan
Lovely people excellent service... Read more
14 mo. ago
Wendy Kirby
My son went to view a flat through Suzanne Graham the tenant showed us around my son loved it and we rang and stated our interest to be told the people before us was also interested...couple of days later I rang and asked about the flat I was told the landlady wanted to know more and i answered questions I was told that they would contact the landlady straight away as she had been away and get back to me that was over 3 weeks ago and I'm still waiting not the best customer service I've had... Read more
16 mo. ago

All 2 Suzanne Graham branches

Suzanne Graham - Low Fell
523 Durham Road,Low Fell,Gateshead, NE9 5EY
Stuart Mcdermott
I have ptsd from having served in Iraq back in 2003 I have paid my rent every month in full and when moving in I was promised repairs would be made within a couple of weeks. Four months later still nothing had been done so I rang up to ask politely when it would be sorted . They then fobbed me off and threatened to kick me out of the flat for five months knowing I suffered with anxiety and that I previously had live in woods for six weeks. Then they called me a fu king mental case and swore at me over the phone. My electric went out due to their faulty wiring in here and my poor bearded dragons were freezing. I told them I had two percent battery left on my iPhone and I couldn't charge it they then left me voicemails saying that electrician would have to call me o check I was in etc. I mean talk about lack of common sense. I then charged my phone in a local shop where there was witnesses there and one of the staff members accused me of shouting and abusin her over phone and nothing was further from truth soon as I mentioned I was in the shop with witnesses she soon shut up etc . Then the other branch the quote unquote better branch some lass accuses me of having assaulted an electrician which I hadn't done so I then ring the electrician dude saying what's your issue? He then truthfully says I never said that so the lass from office obviously just wanted to stir the poo it's lucky he not been back to put the windows out or something . These people have zero common sense even the manager doesn't know difference between the words sort and sought etc. Never know the like of them ended up with police getting involved as calling. People a mental case or a retard and swearing at them and putting them in state of alarm is verging on hate crime. I certainly would never called anyone with a disability a retard or a mental case etc I'm probably more knowledgeable than all their staff put together I have war injuries and had a 80 kg metal mast fall on my head. I don't deserve some air head vile mouthed individual saying if your so stupid from your injuries you should write things down etc . Not just me either a few people in the local council and support agencies have commented on how vile the staff are especially at the low fell branch I thought it was my duty to warn people as I ended up in hospital after having an anxiety attack . My lizard ended up ill from the cold which cost me a fortune in vet bills and I had to go get private treatment after the way they treated me which again cost me a fortune . They lucky I'm not taking them to court for gross unprofessionalism (would they abuse someone in a wheelchair?) as I have the means and will to hopefully they do something decent for once and give me most of my bond when I leave here .... Read more
4 years ago
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Average asking price achieved
Average sale time
Properties sold
Suzanne Graham - Whickham
41 Front Street,Whickham,Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE16 4EA
Scott Sinfield
Rude and abusive staff. One member of staff (Nichola Thompson) didn't even know how references work! Nichola needs educating before she should continue as an estate agent.... Read more
6 months ago
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Access detailed insights of how this agent performs

Average asking price achieved
Average sale time
Properties sold

Find your nearest Suzanne Graham branch

Find your nearest Suzanne Graham branch

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