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  2. Stewart Oliver Ltd - Birmingham
Stewart Oliver Ltd - Birmingham Logo

Stewart Oliver Ltd - Birmingham

Opens tomorrow at 10:00am
6 The Minories,Birmingham, B4 6AF
Stewart Oliver Ltd Birmingham are an estate agent in Birmingham. They mainly list properties in B4, B2 and B5. Over the last 6 months, they've listed 1 properties, with 5 currently on the market. Most of the properties listed have 2 bedrooms. They list properties for sale on Rightmove.

Opening hours

  • Monday 10:00am - 5:00pm
  • Tuesday 10:00am - 5:00pm
  • Wednesday 10:00am - 5:00pm
  • Thursday 10:00am - 5:00pm
  • Friday 10:00am - 5:00pm
  • Saturday Closed
  • Sunday Closed
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Stewart Oliver Ltd - Birmingham Reviews (55)

Have you used this agent?
  1. 22% 5/5 Stars
  2. 5% 4/5 Stars
  3. 2% 3/5 Stars
  4. 9% 2/5 Stars
  5. 62% 1/5 Stars

Anonymous Tenant

4/5 Stars
My experience with Stewart and Oliver has been truly exceptional, and I'm delighted to highlight the outstanding support I received from Mat and Nicola. Mat went above and beyond in addressing my queries, demonstrating a profound understanding of the letting process and a genuine commitment to client satisfaction. His professionalism and friendliness made navigating the complexities of renting a smooth and stress-free experience. Behind the scenes, Nicola played a pivotal role in handling all the backend tasks with remarkable efficiency. From seamlessly creating accounts in DPS to ensuring prompt and accurate refunds, Nicola's attention to detail and proactive approach were evident throughout. It's reassuring to know that the team at Stewart and Oliver not only excels in client-facing interactions but also in the crucial backend processes that contribute to a well-rounded service. I wholeheartedly recommend Stewart and Oliver to anyone seeking a letting agency that combines expertise with a personal touch. Mat and Nicola's dedication reflects positively on the agency as a whole. I will certainly be recommending Stewart and Oliver to friends, family, and colleagues, confident that they will receive the same high standard of service that I did. Thank you, Mat, Nicola, and the entire team at Stewart and Oliver!... Read more
6th Oct 2023 (7 mo. ago)

A Kind

1/5 Stars
ANYONE CONSIDERING RENTING WITH STEWART OLIVER, PLEASE READ THIS REVIEW DETAILING MY TRAUMATIC EXPERIENCE WITH NICI OLIVER, WHO CO-RUNS THIS LETTING AGENCY. I have written this review under an anonymous account as I do not feel comfortable revealing my identity. To Stewart Oliver – please respect this. I recently moved out of the flat in the morning, but shortly after (when I arrived at work), remembered that I had left all of my important documents at the flat, containing my birth certificate, degree certificate, tax refund statements etc. (I cannot explain why this happened, I had to take a few hours off work and initially left those documents on the side in the case that I would need proof of ID etc when checking out to the inventory team. Everything happened very fast, and I was in a rush to get back to work). I called Stewart Oliver to help me deal with this issue, and Nici picked up the phone. After I explained the issue to Nici, Nici raised her voice at me saying that ‘this is unacceptable’. She continued to shout at me, saying things like ‘if your documents are so important why did you leave them at the flat?’ Given how stressful the situation already was, I started crying. Nici raised her voice even further. I politely asked her to ‘please stop shouting at me’, but Nici then responded in a very sarcastic manner replying ‘I’m not shouting at you’. Nici continued to say ‘you wouldn’t leave your ‘important’ documents at a hotel would you? So why would you leave them there’. Nici refused to help me with this issue. I was crying quite heavily, and continued to plead, I pressed that this was an honest mistake and that I would collect the keys to retrieve such documents, to then bring back the keys. Nici flat out denied this, saying ‘no, I am not going to give you the keys and I am certainly not going to the flat myself. If the cleaners find your documents and throw them away, then that is your fault, you should have remembered to collect the documents before you checked out’. She was very cruel and taunting in her tone and asserted that she will not do anything to help me. She guaranteed that the cleaners would potentially throw away my documents, but again, pressed that it was my fault. Nici was very angry in her tone, which continued to worsen my anxiety, especially given that I was at work. Straight after the call I had an anxiety attack - one of the longest anxiety attacks I have ever had. Nici refused to help me out of emotion and anger, and did not give any logical or professional reason for refusing to solve my issue. Instead, she verbally attacked me and almost seemed as if she wanted me to lose my documents out of spite. I managed to retrieve my documents without the help of Nici. I called the building manager after (I was crying very heavily), who was very understanding and promptly managed to inform the cleaners. I waited outside my building flat during my lunch break, and managed to gain access from the cleaners when they arrived, and then retrieved my documents. I genuinely believe that this is the nature of Nici, as she has been very rude and abrupt when ‘dealing’ with my past enquiries whilst as a tenant. This final experience has pushed me to write this review in the hopes that a) anyone else with a similar experience does not feel alone, and b) prospective tenants reconsider renting with Stewart Oliver. I do not want anyone to have an experience anywhere near mine, especially as this still mentally affects me to this day. Moving out is stressful in itself, especially when you have work and are moving to a different county. No one deserves to be berated by anyone, whether that be a letting agent or family member, for an honest mistake. And, no one deserves to be shouted at and taunted whilst crying when they are in a desperate situation. Please do not rent with Stewart Oliver. Nici is a very cruel woman who lacks professionalism, basic human skills (let alone customer service skills), and will make you regret ever renting with this shameful letting agency.... Read more
13th Oct 2021 (2 years ago)

C Ruiz

1/5 Stars
This is great if you want to get literally robbed. One star is way too much for that gang of thieves. I really wish all the worst happens to that deceiving and criminal organization.... Read more
23rd Sep 2021 (2 years ago)

S Johnson

1/5 Stars
Words can not even begin to describe how terrible this letting agency is. AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS. I have not had the displeasure of having to deal with the most ignorant woman on the planet, Nici Oliver along with her equally as ignorant business partner, Matt Stewart, but have seen how little they care about the properties that her landlords own. Both her and Matt are rude, uncaring, and will do the bare minimum to help. AVOID, AVOID, AVOID.... Read more
22nd Sep 2021 (2 years ago)

A Clark-Michalek

3/5 Stars
Viewed properties with this company but I wouldn’t recommend since they seem to just be group viewings in an attempt to ramp up the pressure and competition. Generally made for a very unpleasant experience but the other aspects of the company I interacted with had no faults.... Read more
19th Aug 2021 (2 years ago)

D Bolon

1/5 Stars
Not happy with the communication. Nicky is very ignorant, terrible attitude and customer service! Would definitely chose another letting agency! Don’t waste your time!... Read more
29th Jul 2021 (2 years ago)

M Small

1/5 Stars
If you use Stewart Oliver, don’t expect to get your deposit back. Excuses after excuses to not give you back what they owe. Also, Nicky is very rude and has a bad attitude. Wouldn’t recommend to anyone.... Read more
29th Jul 2021 (2 years ago)

M Wassall

1/5 Stars
Terrible attitude from Nicky, not open for discussion. Can’t wait until end of tenancy! This women’s a nightmare! Company is a reflection of the staff it employees.... Read more
29th Jul 2021 (2 years ago)

V Swan

2/5 Stars
I made a recent inquiry about the property I was interested in viewing, but unfortunately, the response from Nici was brief and reluctant. It made me feel they don't want to find tenants for the rental properties. I have made a simple inquiry, in the advertised ad, there was no mention of the average energy consumption of the property or a rough estimate on the bills. This would be valuable information for a piece of mind and for comparison to other properties alike. Not to mention the response was abrupt, as Nici didn't want to interact with me to arrange the viewing, or at least come across as a pleasant Estate Agent who enjoys their profession. In this day and economy, it is important what the costumer and consumer wants and needs, and their queries should be full filled without making them feel as if they have no say or value. And regarding the rating makes me wonder when Agency will start to take notes and adjust poor performance as a whole. And this is the reason I have decided not to pursue further searches of properties through them.... Read more
21st Jul 2021 (2 years ago)

D Chiodak

5/5 Stars
My partner and I rented a one bed for 2 years with Stewart Oliver. We absolutely loved our flat from the moment it was viewed and the process of moving in and sorting out the paperwork was very quick and effortless. We found Matt and Nici friendly and very responsive to any queries or questions we had (though we didn't have many!) and we couldn't have had a better flat in Birmingham! Upon leaving our flat, our deposit was returned without any problems! I would highly recommend Stewart Oliver for anyone looking for a reliable and friendly estate agent.... Read more
8th Oct 2020 (3 years ago)

A Sharples

5/5 Stars
Rented a 2BR unfurnished property through Stewart Oliver for 1yr in Birmingham. Every dealing we had with Matt & Nici was spot on, no issues there. If something needed fixing, it got fixed. Sometimes things were slow to be fixed but that's because they had to go through the landlord to get permission - once that was sorted they got their contractor out to sort the problem. All issues around the deposit were sorted amicably and quickly and we got the majority of it back bar the cost of replacing a couple of light bulbs which we hadn't noticed had blown late on. We had read all of the reviews beforehand and they can be off putting. Don't be. Most of the reviews online seem to be either fake, or people who have active disputes with Stewart Oliver through the DPS. It would be interesting to see how many of these people actually win their disputes. Probably not many. If you make sure you check your inventory on move in, send it to the agent within 7 days, and don't hesitate to query anything that looks different on the inventory to what you see, then you won't have a problem. If you understand that 95% of the time the issue you have is related to your landlord, and an estate agent can't change a landlord's mind, then you won't have a problem. I would recommend this estate agent to people I know.... Read more
23rd Sep 2020 (3 years ago)

T Pham

1/5 Stars
DO NOT RENT FROM THESE PEOPLE! Even 1 star is too high of a rating to give them, and if I could give 0, I would. Upon arrival in the apartment, one bulb wasn't working, paint was chipped in the bedroom, grease and dirt marks in kitchen and on practically every wall, and damaged furniture. Even though I reported all these issues, they later came to charge me for them. A blind was missing for my entire year tenancy. While I contacted the agency for months on end about it, all I had in response was "it's still on order". Having a blind for the window on order for over a year? The worst excuse for a lazy and cheap landlord I have ever heard. High prices for below decent living arrangements. When the tenancy came to an end, the landlord demanded 70% of the deposit for damages I know for a fact were not caused. I was reasonable and said I would accept those deductions from the deposit IF pictures were provided to prove I had caused them. The response? I can "see those pictures in court". Are you having a laugh? What landlord does not provide evidence of damage and forces tenants to pay? A CHEAP and GREEDY one. I took them to court, but these people have their ways and the verdict was I surrender my deposit (which they have now held for over 2 years!) and pay up an additional sum of over £1900! The people working their seem nice and act like they have your best interests at heart, but it's all an act. I cannot stress enough that you will waste your time and money with these people! DO NOT RENT THE PROPERTIES. Note: to Nici or Stewart, or whoever from Stewart Oliver Lettings who will be reading this and coming up with a poor excuse for a response, don't even bother. Will just be wasting my time reading it.... Read more
21st Sep 2020 (3 years ago)

Anonymous Tenant

2/5 Stars
Having not long completed a 12 month tenancy with Stewart Oliver I would say overall that the experience was very unpleasant indeed. They did not inform me of a number of issues with the flat before moving in. Notably, the non-functional intercom, which the landlord REFUSED to fix and the extremely leaky front window, which allowed rainwater in whenever it poured from the heavens. This was later 'fixed' even though water still came in despite it being 'sealed'. I have also witnessed, during viewings, the representative deliberately misleading the prospective tenants by not informing them the landlord wont fix the intercom when they ask about it. They instead say either 'the landlord knows about it' or 'apparently it is broken'. This is very unprofessional and downright terrible behaviour. After being told I would recieve my meter readings at the end of the tenancy, from the checkout company. I was informed by said company representative that we would not get the readings from them and would have to wait for the report. I must say i am still waiting, now for nearly a week.... Read more
7th Sep 2020 (3 years ago)

J .J

1/5 Stars
DO NOT RENT!!!!! Nici and Mathew are the most unprofessional and unqualified agents in Birmingham. They make up fake charges and try to harass you for them during your tenancy. When that doesn't work they inflate your deposit charges and try to make you pay for things that do not exist. For example they tried to deduct from our deposit to repaint the flat even though they accepted that there were marks on the wall at the beginning of the tenancy. The way they claim that most bad reviews are bogus, why would so many people lie about two people? what do they stand to gain from the bad reviews?... Read more
20th Aug 2020 (3 years ago)

D Werb

5/5 Stars
From first viewing they were helpful and always available when required. Thank you very much and would highly recommend... Read more
26th May 2020 (3 years ago)

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