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About Venmore Commercial

Venmore Commercial mainly list properties in L18, L1 and L13. Over the last 6 months, they've listed 1 properties, with 2 currently on the market. Most of the properties listed are 1 bed/studios. They list properties for sale on Zoopla.

Branch Address

Imperial Buildings, 9 Dale Street, Liverpool, L2 2SH

Opening Times
Monday 9:00am - 5:30pm
Tuesday 9:00am - 5:30pm
Wednesday 9:00am - 5:30pm
Thursday 9:00am - 5:30pm
Friday 9:00am - 5:30pm
Saturday 10:00am - 4:00pm
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Listings by number of bedrooms
  1. 1 1 bedroom/studio properties listed by Venmore Commercial in the last 6 months
Number of Listings
  1. In January 2020 the number of properties listed was 7
  2. In February 2020 the number of properties listed was 7
  3. In March 2020 the number of properties listed was 7
  4. In April 2020 the number of properties listed was 6
  5. In May 2020 the number of properties listed was 6
  6. In June 2020 the number of properties listed was 6
  7. In July 2020 the number of properties listed was 7

Properties listed and sold by Venmore Commercial

Average Value
Average Size
1 Bed
Most Active Postcode
    13th July
  • New Listing
    Townsend Lane, Anfield, Liverpool L6
    Studio • £360,000
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Latest Reviews for Venmore Commercial

0 star.

Absolutely no interest in the well being of their tenants.

Please do no use these, they have really bad communication, and they find it really difficult to spell correctly when they do.

Third Party Review - this review has not been verified by GetAgent.

Professionalism at its worst, slow, lazy staff.

Third Party Review - this review has not been verified by GetAgent.

There being no option to leave a 0 star review is my only reason for giving them 1 star - which is extremely generous and underserved. From the onset, prior to even moving into the property with this company nothing has ever been straightforward and nothing has ever made sense. Upon signing our contracts we were told that bills would be included in our rent however after moving into the property we discovered that this was a lie. Before even moving into the property - which was delayed by a week - we were lied to and told that we couldn't move in because they property was being painted. When we arrived this was not the case, but instead the house was still being cleaned. This was in September, after we had paid rent for July and August, giving them loads of time to clean and prepare the property for new tenants but they managed to delay this until the end of the first week of September. Little did we know that this was just the tip of the ice berg in dealing with unhelpful and incompetent agents.
Throughout our tenancy we had numerous different property managers who seemingly didn't know how to reply to emails or return phone calls about the numerous issues we had while living there: a dead rat under the kitchen sink, water leaking through the roof whenever it rained, carpet on the stairs that wasn't properly attached and was a safety hazard (which we lived with the whole year) just to name a few.
We thankfully moved out in June and it is now September. We have yet to receive our deposits back, not for lack of trying. We have tried numerous times to get in touch with our agent and have been met with a number of excuses as to why she couldn't speak to us on the phone. We tried emailing and got zero response. When we would call we were told she's in a meeting/ she's just gone out for lunch/ she's with a client/ she's moved department. My personal favourite was "she doesn't work here anymore" despite speaking to someone the day before who had told me she was out for lunch. Bear in mind, I have been calling almost everyday over the past month and never once were we told that she didn't work there anymore. I would strongly recommend not using this company particularly if you are a student or dealing with student properties. They seem to think that they can take advantage of the fact that we are young which is highly unprofessional.

Third Party Review - this review has not been verified by GetAgent.

Quite possibly the worst, most inept shower I've ever done with business with. Unable to manage any part of the letting process successfully. And you try to ring or email....no voicemails, nobody taking ownership. If you have nobody to let your property do it yourself rather than trust these clowns. I've had to award one star because it won't let you give no stars. This mob are a no star outfit.

Third Party Review - this review has not been verified by GetAgent.

Appalling. Took 7 months to return my deposit after several phone calls and complaints. Sent me back and forth between my landlord telling me it was my landlords responsibility to pay back the deposit even though it was Venmore who took the deposit. Told me the property was “independently managed”, yet was receiving condescending emails from the “property manager.” The agent who set us up with the initial moving in period had left the company and I hadn’t been informed so was still corresponding with him over email. Emails and complaints left unanswered. When they went to check the property a month before the tenancy ended, they didn’t even have the other tenants details. Poor communication, poorly ran. An absolute joke of a company. Was my first time renting a property and was left confused, frustrated and angry. Will be avoiding this company in future. Put me off renting again.

Third Party Review - this review has not been verified by GetAgent.

Don't waste your time.

Third Party Review - this review has not been verified by GetAgent.

Giving a 1 star, is somewhat generous. I have never tried to work with a company and them being so unprofessional and quite clearly have no idea what they are doing. I am not sure if this is because they have been taken over by purple bricks or because they just do not care.

We moved in to a lovely property in March and we were very excited. When entering the property, it was noticeably dirtier and more damaged than when we viewed the property a few weeks prior.

When reporting this immediately to Rachel Heron, she advised me there was not anything they could do as it was the weekend. Then went on to say because we did not have any amenities we were promised on our contract. She asked me to keep all receipts. Almost 5 months after moving in, I was accused of this conversation never happening and they would have to listen back to the phone conversations. I had all conversations recorded, so I was not worried about that but knew it would be more than likely, they would have 'lost' them their end.

So when we moved in we had no hot water, no heating, no cooker, no working/clean fridge/freezer, washing machine. The house was filthy, garden was a mess. Bins were overflowing, gutters were full. Garage door wouldn't open and still does not. (The list goes on...)

When moving in we noticed that in the living room, a large patch had been painted over. Over a few weeks, we began to notice they had tried to cover up a leak. We went about 5/6 weeks without a shower or hot water to clean ourselves. Their excuse was that we had a bath (but no hot water) and that the landlord was entitled to two quotes regarding the matter.

Every time I have spoken with anyone from venmores, they can hold a professional conversation for approximately 2 minutes, after that it is clear that they are not capable of anything more.

Further we had advised Venmores that we could not take any more time off work, to cater to their needs and to accompany workers in the property. This is when I started to lose the little trust/ faith that I had left. Some workers were let in to the property to complete outstanding works. On this visit, our brand new BBQ was stolen, that we had only had the pleasure of using a couple of times. When I reported this, in my disgust, Jessica Hulme asked if we had the receipt to be reimbursed?

Quite obviously we would not have a receipt for a BBQ we have already used and had 0 intentions of taking back or for it to be stolen!!!! 5-6months later we have still not been reimbursed.

Please do not be fooled by the known name of Venmores. They hold no professionalism and they are not their to help you but to just make money off doing the absolute bare minimum.

I feel so underwhelmed that such an exciting experience can be made so unbearable, we are moving out after just 6 months when we were hoping to have many happy years here.

Third Party Review - this review has not been verified by GetAgent.

I have found Venmores very helpful and friendly. All the staff I deal with explain things clearly. I have had some problems with tenants but everything has been explained to me and and I have been kept in touch with what is going on. I would recommend them.

Third Party Review - this review has not been verified by GetAgent.

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