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Smart Move Estate Agents Logo

Smart Move Estate Agents

Closes at 5:30pm
Smart Move, Ladywell Business Centre, 94 Duke Street, Glasgow, G4 0UW
Smart Move Estate Agents hasn't listed any properties for sale in the last 6 months. This could be because the agent specialises in lettings, or the branch may be closed. Smart Move Estate Agents does have 48 reviews, with an average score of 3.1/5 If you're looking to sell in Scotland, you may want to choose an agent with more experience. Covering this area are other estate agents, such as Countrywide North - West End (Glasgow) and Slater Hogg & Howison - West End. However to see who will objectively do the best job selling your home, make sure you use our comparison tool.

Opening hours

  • Monday 9:30am - 5:30pm
  • Tuesday 9:30am - 5:30pm
  • Wednesday 9:30am - 5:30pm
  • Thursday 9:30am - 5:30pm
  • Friday 9:30am - 5:30pm
  • Saturday 9:00am - 12:00pm
  • Sunday Closed
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Smart Move Estate Agents Reviews (48)

Have you used this agent?
  1. 46% 5/5 Stars
  2. 6% 4/5 Stars
  3. 0% 3/5 Stars
  4. 4% 2/5 Stars
  5. 44% 1/5 Stars

C agborubere

4/5 Stars
I had a very good experience with Smartmove, they were very helpful in my search for a new home. They are also prompt in responding to any questions or concerns. I won't fail to mention Emma, she was really friendly and helpful. Thank you Smartmove.... Read more
26th Mar 2024 (29 days ago)

S Anderson

1/5 Stars
At the start of my tenancy things were great but don’t be fooled they are rude when you need help for an emergency. They used completely unprofessional and inappropriate language on the phone when I was in need of help not once but several different occasions. In trying to receive my deposit back from them (agreed with the final visit that I was getting the full amount back) it was a hassle and a half. They forced me to call them several times over the course of weeks to give me my money back which by law they aren’t entitled to if there’s no damage to the property. I will try to avoid them in future if at all possible, they are ok as agents as long as you are paying their clients but even then they were shockingly bad most of the time.... Read more
18th Mar 2024 (5 weeks ago)

R Haig

1/5 Stars
A poor show. As a landlord looking to use this letting agent, I have not received any returned calls despite phoning multiple times to use them. I spoke with George who was very off and not at all interested in supporting. I have previously written a review and was considered "another spam review" so this is the second review I have written. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed with the reply to my previous review as they seem to have no record of me asking for support!... Read more
12th Mar 2024 (6 weeks ago)

A swordy

1/5 Stars
I have never met anyone worse at their job than owner George Reynolds. For both landlords and tenants, I advise you to avoid at all costs. Thanks to this man, me and my flatmate decided to leave a property in Dennistoun and on leaving, I was told by our neighbour that he'd also driven out another pair of girls too! I was conferring with Living Rent at the time and was told that other tenants had been in touch regarding problems with George too - as I imagined, he's been causing issues with multiple people. The last couple of times meeting him at the property, my mother attended (she didn't want me to be alone with this man) and he was extremely rude to her. He's a compulsive liar, aggressive and extremely condescending. Landlords - there was no inventory given to us at any point, there was also no inspection given when I took over the lease from a previous tenant. We gave him five weeks notice when my friend was going to take over our tenancy and he ignored my friend's multiple calls for weeks. We tried insistently to make sure we had everything needed and he was extremely unhelpful. Even though we had given 5 weeks notice, we didn't receive a decision until 5 days before my current flat mate's lease was ending. Also, A couple of weeks after we were meant to be moving in, I discovered that the flat's EPC certificate was months out of date - it was me that raised this to George, we would have moved into the property and he wouldn't have noticed this (it's illegal to create a new tenancy when the EPC is more than 10 years out of date). He blamed multiple things on our landlord (despite her being a very lovely women!), made her out to be a liar and aggressive multiple times. He was aggressive to me over phone calls, I eventually had to label his number 'do not answer' and ask to only be contacted by email. When I complained to our landlord, he phoned again to 'apologise' and again got aggressive as I'd spoken to the landlord (when I was completely within my right). He was very unprofessional, unable to CC people into emails and didn't check anything over as there were always multiple spelling errors. Tenants - I know that the rental market is difficult at the moment but I promise it is not worth joining this agency! As mentioned above, George is a compulsive liar - he told me and my two friends completely different things over email so it was very easy to catch him out on his lies! It's obvious that he has some kind of anger difficulties which I sympathise with, however, if someone is not able to control this then they should not be working with the public. He is very reluctant to help and would get very angry when problems were raised. When signing my tenancy in person, he slagged off my current flatmate, calling her a drama queen and laughing about her (at a time she was made homeless due to a friend pulling out of a flat). He was consistently unprofessional. He sent threatening emails to my past flat mate, telling her to take legal action When raising concerns with the property, the fact that our living room windows were letting in water (I had photographic evidence), he told my friend, my mother and me that we'd better just move out of the property as I clearly wasn't happy. He said he'd be able to find new tenants in no time and raise the rent even further. (This was after giving us five days notice that our rent was going to raise by £200 when my new flatmate was due to move in). It's a shame as the others I met from the company were very kind. Antony is lovely! And Siobhan was very friendly and responsive too. It's a shame that they have to work for someone like this.... Read more
6th Mar 2024 (7 weeks ago)

B Thomson

1/5 Stars
If I could give zero, I would. AVOID, AVOID, AVOID. The way this letting agent treats their tenants is appalling bordering on unlawful. Has made it clear countless times they don't give two hoots about the tenants and the squalor they let them live in. The owner of the company is a huge bully and misogynist. Cant believe they actually get away with it. If you are a landlord, watch out for how this letting agent talks to and treats your tenant. I can see from previous reviews, the response to Adele seemed careful and in line with GDPR, but abandoned this approach in Holly's review which actually namedropped another tenant. Totally unprofessional.... Read more
2nd Mar 2024 (8 weeks ago)

H Thomson

1/5 Stars
It doesn’t matter how nice the flat is, stay far away from this agency. I was supposed to do a tenancy swap and take over a room from a girl who had already been there a few years. I had submitted my application and hadn’t heard anything for over a month despite calling multiple times and being told they’d phone me back which they never did even though time was tight before the girl was moving out leaving the remaining tenant with no one to half the rent with. Then just days before the girl was moving out (and I should’ve been moving in), they told us (me and the remaining tenant who had been there for over a year) that the rent on the new tenancy would be a 30% increase! We agreed to pay the new price but wanted the quality of the flat to be improved to match the new price - the windows in the living room were single glazed and neither wind proof nor water tight. We also wanted help with the mould issues. George could not have been more unpleasant, he basically told us too bad and that we can take or leave the flat as he’ll find someone who will pay more (good luck to who ever that poor person is now). He also gave us a lecture on how the mould was our fault and that we should have had the windows open every day - despite it being the coldest month of the year. Anyway, we then had a chat with the landlord who was very helpful and couldn’t have been nicer! Can’t fully understand why she’d want this man running her properties but anyway.. After meeting George there was no way in hell I could sign the tenancy agreement so that was that. Such a gorgeous flat though so it was very sad! I have spoken to others with similar experiences with him so I’m glad it wasn’t personal but honestly, avoid this agency.... Read more
29th Feb 2024 (8 weeks ago)

S Cochrane

5/5 Stars
Been a tenant with Smartmove for nearly 7 years and can not fault them at all. A+++ Absolutely great company to have as a landlord. Whether I've had to call the office or the emergency number for an issue or repair (big or small) always had the issue resolved quickly and without any problems. Reported a very small leak on one of my radiators to George at 1 o'clock today and the job card was in and plumber was on the phone within 20 minutes to arrange coming out. Job completed by 4 o'clock. So glad to have an agent like smartmove. Thanks again smartmove ????... Read more
8th Feb 2024 (11 weeks ago)

S Macdonald

1/5 Stars
To view a property, they will request that you provide information such as your work contract, utility bills, etc. To be told that you must submit so much personal information only to view a flat might be incredibly off-putting to some (like it was for me). I just wanted to give you some feedback because I know that by doing this, you are losing renters like me. If I were interested in renting the property, this information would be given regardless.... Read more
6th Feb 2024 (11 weeks ago)


1/5 Stars
Took all my data. I spent my time applying for it. And rejecting for not having one document and not accepting it even though if I wish to send it over to them. They want to reapply. It’s unfair. Customer service is so bad and unkind. Reply: this shows how rude customer service you have. You didn’t give me a chance to send the document or accept it. You are asking for reapplication. If you are doing everything perfectly you should be having 5 start rating. Accept your mistakes and bring changes in it. You didn’t even allow me to send the document alone and directly rejected it and asked me to reapply. This is how a customer centric things works?... Read more
30th Jan 2024 (12 weeks ago)


1/5 Stars
Worst agent "Richard Thomson" ever!!, rude saying I "waisted" my time and his time, when I offered a lower rent offer due to house having no clothes poles, garden fence falling down, cables cut dangling down the front of the house and the top of bedroom window panel on the floor. If the house repairs had been done before giving us a viewing I would of paid full asking price. He wouldn't pass my lower offer onto the landlord, he said "I think we will just leave it at this best wishes for finding an alternative property that suits your requirements." Agent just stood in livingroom and wasn't interested in getting a tenant.... Read more
17th Jan 2024 (14 weeks ago)

W Nicholson

1/5 Stars
Okay, I originally posted a rating without a review as I didn't feel I had time to do one; but I will reply to the owner's response since some of that is not true - I'm not sure if that is an intentional lie or because it is from a different individual from Smart Move than I have talked to. The American company sent the package to an address in Dundee that I lived in about three years ago. It was managed by Smart Move then and based on my recent conversation with Richard Thomson, it is still managed by them. He quoted quite high fees to pick up or forward the package that however I acknowledge in principle are reasonable, especially given the odd situation of a letting agents in Glasgow managing properties in Dundee and not having an office based there. I don't accept his point about being so angry about it being an "insult" for me to chase up the package under the circumstances since the reason for the package being sent to the wrong address is entirely the fault of the company I ordered it from. And I had made every effort for the shipping address to be corrected with the delivery company, UPS, before the package arrived. Of course, it is such a long time since I lived in the flat that I no longer have mail forwarding set up with the Royal Mail and it isn't clear that this would work with UPS packages anyway.... Read more
17th Dec 2023 (18 weeks ago)

V Chan

5/5 Stars
George from Smart Move Estate is very efficient and helpful. George helps me to manage a couple of properties in Glasgow. The client portal is useful and informative, with indication of various certificates and their due dates, expense in / out records, etc. One of our tenants also advised that Smart Move helped to fix the heater problem promptly, it's important to have the tenant happy and build up a good relationship. Also the inventory record is very detailed, it captured all the current status with photos in different angles. We are very glad that Smart Move helps to manage our properties, we highly recommend their service.... Read more
13th Oct 2023 (6 mo. ago)

K Young

1/5 Stars
I am, well *was* interested in renting a property from this company (2 bed house Langlands Road, Govan). Firstly, the listing on Rightmove doesn't provide any of the basic information I would expect to be listed (no landlord registration number, council tax band or EPC). The listing also doesn't show how much the deposit is, length of tenancy or even when it is available from. Red flag. I find this strange considering the very first review I saw when I googled you was a potential tenant stating that you need "bank details, copy of employment contract, copies of invoices to my company, screenshots of funds going into my account & copies of ID, just to view the property." Just to note, I have all of this information (as well as references from my landlord and the property manager of the last 9 years) ready as I am looking for a new home, but to require this JUST TO VIEW the property!? Red flag. Then there is the clear attitude problem you guys seem to have when replying to negative reviews. One girl stated she had a horrific experience and to avoid due to RUDE and IMPATIENT behaviour and you replied to her "maybe the fact you posted this at 2am tells us all we need to know". What does it tell you exactly? I'm very curious about the unfounded judgements you're making about people awake at 2am. RED FLAG. Then there's all the "we have no idea who you are" and "we have never heard of you" gaslighting when someone posts a negative review. You don't ask the 5 star reviews who they are. Before you come for me for being a don't know me, a potential tenant, because in the end I never contacted you about the property based on the information I've found here and elsewhere on the internet about you. Honestly can't imagine trying to deal with people like yourself, especially if there is actually a problem, heaven forbid it be a problem at 2am. Maybe try be more professional in future? Maybe you could try actually put information about the property on the listing? I know the rental market is a mess right now, but take a little pride in your work. EDIT: Replying to me on a Saturday, outwith your business hours? Stop, you're making me blush. Point is, I'm not desperate enough to want to rent from an agent with a snide attitude unlike the 200+ poor souls at the mercy of the awful rental market I guess. Personally I'd be embarrassed that many people had even seen that lazy excuse for a property listing.... Read more
26th Aug 2023 (7 mo. ago)

G Toni

5/5 Stars
Professional and closely follow up with my renting matters! Thanks for all the help! Highly recommended to others!... Read more
23rd Aug 2023 (8 mo. ago)


5/5 Stars
Have been landlord for 2 years, Smartmove has been managing it well and has very good management fee for me, highly recommend to other landlords who wants professional letting service... Read more
22nd Aug 2023 (8 mo. ago)

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