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  2. Story Homes - Crindledyke Farm
Story Homes - Crindledyke Farm Logo

Story Homes - Crindledyke Farm

Opens tomorrow at 9:00am
Crindledyke Farm, CA6 4BZ
Story Homes - Crindledyke Farm hasn't listed any properties for sale in the last 6 months. This could be because the agent specialises in lettings, or the branch may be closed. Story Homes - Crindledyke Farm does have 22 reviews, with an average score of 2/5 If you're looking to sell in Carlisle, you may want to choose an agent with more experience. Covering this area are other estate agents, such as Tiffen & Co Ltd - Carlisle and BPK Estate Agents. However to see who will objectively do the best job selling your home, make sure you use our comparison tool.

Opening hours

  • Monday 9:00am - 5:00pm
  • Tuesday 9:00am - 5:00pm
  • Wednesday 9:00am - 5:00pm
  • Thursday 9:00am - 5:00pm
  • Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm
  • Saturday Closed
  • Sunday Closed
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Story Homes - Crindledyke Farm Reviews (22)

Have you used this agent?
  1. 18% 5/5 Stars
  2. 5% 4/5 Stars
  3. 0% 3/5 Stars
  4. 9% 2/5 Stars
  5. 68% 1/5 Stars

N Stark

1/5 Stars
Woeful aftercare service. Snags are inevitable, but they are very poor at sorting them. They advertise as premium house builders, but the reality is that they revert to ‘industry standard’ when a genuine snag is too costly to fix. Really nice houses, but better off buying a second hand one and let someone else suffer the battle with the aftercare team to get the issues fixed.... Read more
9th Dec 2021 (2 years ago)

M Mal

1/5 Stars
Disgraceful and Dangerous company... Read more
29th May 2021 (2 years ago)


1/5 Stars
What can I say about the customer service received from the sales rep at FAIRFILEDS MANOR, CRAWCROOK apart from terrible and incompetent. Me and my family expressed interest in a plot 8 weeks ago at this site, got our home on the market for 10k less then the valuation to push through a quick sale and it was sold within a week. Great we wanted to move forward with the plot at. We got in touch with the sales rep up there and she advised that we need to be pre approved by their mortgage advisors, she booked us an appointment the following morning (unknown to us she had also booked another family in on the same day for the exact same plot). I asked once I’ve been pre approved can I pay the £1000 reservation fee to reserve that plot, sales rep answer was yes of course. I got pre approved 09:30am tried ringing the sales rep all day 7/8times, emailed, text, left voice messages with no response that day. The following morning I got a phone call off the sales rep to say I’m sorry but someone else is coming to reserve that plot today? What? I can pay my fee now? Sorry there is nothing I can do she said. The other couple is paying more money then you because you are getting KEY WORKER DISCOUNT so now I am getting penalised for being a KEY WORKER? Why weren’t we told that anyone else was on the list for this plot when I asked on two occasions and I was told no one else is interested now she’s telling me these have been waiting over a year? I was willing to pay the reservation fee there and then. Why book two separate people in for the same plot on the same day? Speaking to other people now it has came apparent that this goes on regular at Fairfield’s manor. We called into the marketing suite on the morning I got the phone call to speak to a manager who wouldn’t even have the decency to come onto the phone to me (because it was a Saturday) as I’m sure you can understand my partner was very upset about the whole thing and she did raise her voice at the sales rep however she was not aggressive or nor did she swear. To be later told we are not welcome to buy any story home because of the way she behaved is demoralising and discriminating. Who in their right mind wouldn’t be upset about this? I should’ve listened to previous reviews on trustpiolot and kept clear of this POOR RATED company from day 1. I’ve never known a company with such a INCOMPETENT bunch of staff. Please take note of this review, if you and your family do not want the stress, upset and poor customer service run a mile from story homes. We are talking about a house that is nearly 400k not a small amount of money to say the least. Now I have got to explain to my children why we are not getting our home that we had told everyone about as the sales rep led us to believe it was ours with her lies and dishonesty. Fast forward a couple of weeks and the plot has all of a sudden became available again online, for 5k more then the original price and 10k more then the price they had agreed with me (maybe they’ve upset that customer too?). So I contacted story homes again about it because we loved the house so much we would still go for it after everything that had gone on, to then be told you are not welcome to buy any story home across the region. Why? Because we where upset and voices where raised. Who wouldn’t be upset? Story homes have changed the policy on their website to NHS discount rather then KEY WORKER discount. Originally it should’ve said key worker discount only available if no one else is interested in that plot instead of misleading customers. Please before buying a story home take note of the reviews it tells you everything, yes they look good but customer service and quality (from reading previous reviews) are not good. Compare the reviews with another house builder like Bellway or Taylor Wimpey and they have good to excellent reviews, I was told by story homes manager when I mentioned reviews that people normally only come online to put poor reviews, clearly not when you look at the other builders. BEWARE AND AVOID AT ALL COSTS...... Read more
28th Sep 2020 (3 years ago)

S Batey

4/5 Stars
Great houses and very modern.... Read more
26th Aug 2020 (3 years ago)


1/5 Stars
FAIRFIELDS MANOR crawcrook. What can i say about the customer service received from the sales rep at fairfeilds manor apart from terrible and shocking. Me and my family expressed interest in a plot 4 weeks ago, got our home on the market for 10k less then the valuation to push through a quick sale and it was sold within a week. Great we wanted to proceed with the plot at Fairfields manor. I got in touch with the sales rep up there and she advised that we needed to be pre approved so they know we can afford the mortgage, so she booked us an appointment the following morning (not to my knowledge another family was booked in to do the same thing for the same plot on the same day). I asked if once we had been pre approved could we reserve the plot immediately and pay the reservation fee (£1000) which was answered by the sales rep "yes of course". So we passed the pre approval with flying colours. I then tried ringing the sales rep 7/8 times that day to fee the fee, i left voice messages, i text her, i emailed and i even contacted the head office, you name it we done it with no response. The following morning I got a phone call to tell me I'm really sorry but another family is coming in today to reserve that plot even though i was willing to pay the £1000 there and then over the phone. I was then told this family have been on the waiting list for over a year and they are offering more money then you are because you get KEY WORKER discount and they don't. So now I'm being penalised for being a KEY WORKER?? It should state on the website that key worker discount is only available if nobody else is interested in the same plot. Why weren't we told that someone else was on a waiting list 4 weeks ago when i expressed interest in the plot? I specifically asked the sales rep on 2 occasions if anyone else was interested in that particular plot and was told no both times. So now i have a sale agreed on my family home and have nothing in place once this has gone. I can't understand how story homes as a company can do this to me and my family? I was willing to pay the reservation fee as soon as i had been pre approved, I've sold my own home for 10k less then the valuation to get our dream home. (I will be seeking compensation for this). I called into the marketing suite on the morning i got the phone call to say we couldn't get the plot we had been promised so i could speak with a manager who wouldn't even have the decency to come on the phone and talk to me because it was a saturday. I will be seeking legal advise on this matter. Ive never in my life know another company as big as Story homes to treat their customers in such a foul way. I should've listened to the previous reviews on here and trust pilot and not even got involved with such an incompetent bunch of staff and company. I will be escalating this further on monday morning as soon as the complaints department and solicitors open. I will also be contacting local newspapers about this so everyone in my power is made aware of how i have been treat. PLEASE take note of this review if you don't want to cause your family upset keep clear of this company. We are talking about a house that was going to cost nearly 400k here not a £20 t shirt. Ive now got to explain to my children why we arnt getting our dream home that we where so excited about because of the sales rep at Fairfields manor. When I questioned the sales rep about why the other family was getting the plot rather then us she said its because they are paying more and they have lost out on 2 houses before this, so it sounds like the girl makes a habit of doing this. You run a business on ethics. Absolutely devastated and heart broken about the whole ordeal. Also to add I've checked on the story homes website the following day to see that the plot still says available and not reserved also it has been reduced by 5k. I was told yesterday that the other family had been in and paid their deposit. I really hope when I've been told that the other couple are willing to pay full price its not full price at 375k as to 380k.... Read more
9th Aug 2020 (3 years ago)

S Morrissey

1/5 Stars
Very poor aftercare from Story homes, they are not good at communicating and often do not call you back. I have been advised to complain in writing to the aftercare manager!! They have left a leaking toilet for over a week now with no urgency at all to repair.... Lets see how long it takes them to resolve it... Read more
29th Jun 2020 (3 years ago)

J Brady

1/5 Stars
My daughter has just bought a house from story and the snagging list is endless and I mean endless. Mould on the stairs that she had to clean off before carpets being fitted. Integral washing machine leaked and the kitchen was flooded. I now have to ring the helpline number at 9am to get someone out. I shouldn’t have to be doing this. I’m afraid Fred Story the workmanship of the house leaves a lot to be desired. You may have started off 37 years as a one man band in Carlisle - friends who bought one of your houses in Moorhouse - but the personal touch is no longer there. My daughter wasn’t even informed that on her completion date the site would be closing down. She should have been given the choice if she wanted to complete or not. But it comes down to money as usual. I wouldn’t recommend Story’s at all.... Read more
1st Apr 2020 (3 years ago)

A hodgson

2/5 Stars
Not for us. The extras make the house Expensive for what they are, on a very compact site.... Read more
17th Mar 2020 (3 years ago)

N Social

1/5 Stars
See the facebook group of mainly horror stories. They cause problems when they plan to build - not joining in as landowners and their site web page seems to have been written by guesswork; it appears they are planning to build an exclave.... Read more
19th Feb 2020 (4 years ago)

C Taylor

5/5 Stars
Fantastic product, fantastic service... Read more
23rd Oct 2019 (4 years ago)

N Social

1/5 Stars
There is a facebook group of mainly horror stories. In my village they are already causing problems, not joining in as landowners and their site web page seems to have been written by guesswork. They are planning to build an exclave.... Read more
2nd Oct 2019 (4 years ago)

M Carr

1/5 Stars
Absolute joke of a company! They claim to be a 5 star builder but a 5 star builders do not hide behind NHBC, that is for companies that are below par, instead it sets standards. We have been lied too, asked to forge our NHBC scoring as its will effect the value’ if we don’t score 5 stars, item removed/stolen from the house to only be returned once the police were involved. Walls are paper thin and you can hear people using the bathrooms upstairs while downstairs due to the lack of sound protection around a wet room, insulation issues as one bedroom is still not able to keep heat - again nothing! The quality of rectifications that have been done are below par and it feels like they add 10 years onto the house. We have had regional managers in who say to your face it is unacceptable, yet as soon as they leave we are told they are doing nothing. Customer services is poor, very difficult to escalate issues, even when you do they fall on deaf ears. I have even emailed The owner to come around and have a look himself to no avail. We were told about how particular he was in terms of quality while buying, so much so that he ripped a show home down and asked them to restart, I can probably guess that this was just sales patter. I hate to say it but, very quick to take your money and nearly 2 years later we still have defects with no light at the end of the tunnel!... Read more
2nd Oct 2019 (4 years ago)

A Bateman

2/5 Stars
Having been living in a Story Home for 7 months I can give a balanced, fair assessment of my experience thus far... The house design is exquisite. The materials used also excellent. We're delighted with our new home. Then there's the customer service. We can't get a response on the simplest snagging query - so we're making very slow progress, everything is a battle. We've even involved the NHBC and they ignore them too! The issue is staff churn - in 7 months we've seen multiple Site Managers, Sales People, Production Managers, Production Directors and Regional Directors. Because of the churn they're either getting up to speed or serving their notice. Overall - it's probably worth the effort for what you end up with but don't expect it to be anything other than a battle of attrition!... Read more
3rd Sep 2018 (5 years ago)

A cornwell

1/5 Stars
If I could give less I would. Customer service with this company is pretty much non existent, ignored time and time again and fobbed off constantly even at management level. The state of my new house is laughable. How this company claims to be a 5 star builder is beyond me. Wrong bathroom tiles Numerous leaks and water pouring through ceilings No heating for 5 weeks on two separate occasions House redecorated and still poor quality Front door leaks water Tops off the posts of the stairs Bi fold doors didn't open The list really is endless AVOID at all costs really isn't worth the hassle or stress... Read more
12th Sep 2017 (6 years ago)

J Ruddick

5/5 Stars
The new head office a amazing use of a historic building and really does look the part ... Read more
11th Apr 2017 (6 years ago)

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