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39 Estate Agents in LA9

Compare the performance of local estate agents.

In the last 6 months in LA9, 362 properties have been listed for sale by 39 different agents. The asking price is £319,210 on average and properties take around 13 weeks to go under offer. Agents in LA9 typically charge around 1.1%, which equates to an average estate agency fee of £3,665.

LA9 not for you? You may also be interested in the nearby areas of LA5, LA6 or LA7.

You can also search for estate agents near you and see how they perform.

LA9 Property Market Summary
  • Average asking price£319,210
  • Average sale time13 weeks
  • Asking price change-0.8%
  • Average estate agent fee1.1%
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List of Estate Agents in LA9

Showing 1 - 25 of 39
  1. Christopher St James Plc Logo

    Christopher St James Plc

    61 High Street Colliers Wood, , SW19 2JF
    Average 4/5 Stars
    (42 reviews)
    Average 5/5 Stars
    29th Nov 2022 (1 year ago)
    Excellent service. Manged my let very quickly and were very available to respond to any queries.... Read more
  2. Hackney & Leigh - Kendal Logo

    Hackney & Leigh - Kendal

    100 Strickland Gate, Kendal, LA9 4PU
    Average 5/5 Stars
    (102 reviews)
    Average 5/5 Stars
    8th Mar 2024 (5 weeks ago)
    I would highly recommend Hackney & Leigh Kendal, from the moment I met Keira I knew my property was in safe hands. It had previously been on the market for 12 months with very little interest. After swapping to Hackney & Leigh, within 10 days I had 5 offers over asking price. Shannon and Ellie have been outstanding at keeping me in the loop from the start until completion and I am so grateful. If you are thinking of putting your property on the market with Hackney and Leigh then do it, you won’t regret it. Thanks again girls for all the support throughout!... Read more
  3. Arnold Greenwood Estate Agents - Kendal Logo

    Arnold Greenwood Estate Agents - Kendal

    8-10 Highgate, Kendal, LA9 4SX
    Average NaN/5 Stars
    This agent doesn't have any reviews
  4. Poole Townsend - Kendal Logo

    Poole Townsend - Kendal

    2 Market Place, Kendal, Cumbria, LA9 4TN
    Average 5/5 Stars
    (32 reviews)
    Average 5/5 Stars
    27th Mar 2024 (16 days ago)
    Brillant throughout.polite ,professional and available at the drop of a hat .... Read more
  5. Milne Moser - Kendal Logo

    Milne Moser - Kendal

    100 Highgate, Kendal, Cumbria, LA9 4HE
    Average 5/5 Stars
    (42 reviews)
    Average 5/5 Stars
    27th Jul 2023 (8 mo. ago)
    From the first contact with Andrew, through to the completion, the whole team at Milne Moser have been so supportive. They always returned calls, kept us informed of any developments as they happened, took care of viewings, the whole package. We initially chose them because they were the agents that sold us the property and we were taken with their professionalism and it stuck. So glad that their attention to detail is as good as we remembered. Absolutely no hesitation in recommending them. Top notch team all round.... Read more
  6. H&H Land & Estates - Kendal Logo

    H&H Land & Estates - Kendal

    36 Finkle Street,Kendal, LA9 4AB
    Average NaN/5 Stars
    This agent doesn't have any reviews
  7. Sutton Kersh - City Centre Liverpool Logo

    Sutton Kersh - City Centre Liverpool

    30-32 Exchange St East, L2 3PQ
    Average 5/5 Stars
    (78 reviews)
    Average 1/5 Stars
    30th Jan 2024 (10 weeks ago)
    Had the absolute worst experience with Sutton Kersh - avoid!! I was purchasing my first house through them and it took around 28 weeks to get the keys from when my offer was accepted. I felt like I constantly had to chase them and was never given an update, I feel like I was always having to offer up potential solutions, the manager was always condescending probably because I’m young/a first time buyer. I was consistently told “it’s just a lengthy process” and 26 weeks into the sale the manager told me “there’s nothing anyone in this office can do for you” - even though at this point the seller and their solicitor had made the case a priority as it has been going on for so long. Once I was told to wait till the end of the week for an update, called back and the manager simply said “no, nothing in the inbox” and I had to ask if she was going to do anything about it or if she was just going to sit and wait potentially several more weeks for a response, she wasn’t very willing to help unless pressed and I feel like her attitude and overall level of service were shockingly bad, I couldn’t believe that she was the manager. After the sale, the seller was reimbursing something their solicitor was meant to pay for but mine charged me for, I sent an email about this to ask them to contact the seller and I never heard back, they didn’t care once the sale was through. However, on the other hand, months into the sale my case was handed over to Mary Kate and she was amazing, her personally I would give 5 stars to. I called so many times and sent so many emails and she was always happy to help and seems like she actually did her job in chasing the seller and trying to get the sale through, rather than just sitting back waiting for a response and hoping something would change. She never made me feel like I was being unreasonable by calling for an update and never minimised the situation, in all honestly think she would be a much better manager.... Read more
  8. Hunters - Kendal Logo

    Hunters - Kendal

    86 Highgate, Kendal, LA9 4HE
    Average 5/5 Stars
    (18 reviews)
    Average 5/5 Stars
    1st Apr 2024 (11 days ago)
    Good communication and service... Read more
  9. Thomson Hayton Winkley Estate Agents - Kendal Logo

    Thomson Hayton Winkley Estate Agents - Kendal

    112 Stricklandgate, LA9 4PU
    Average 5/5 Stars
    (99 reviews)
    Average 5/5 Stars
    8th Feb 2024 (9 weeks ago)
    Cannot fault Thomson Hayton Winkley at all. They were great with us from the moment we called to arrange a viewing on the property we bought. We could not have asked for a smoother experience.... Read more
  10. Youngs RPS - Hexham Logo

    Youngs RPS - Hexham

    Priestpopple, NE46 1PS
    Average 5/5 Stars
    (32 reviews)
    Average 1/5 Stars
    3rd Apr 2024 (9 days ago)
    YoungsRPS (YRPS) are possibly the worst estate agent I have ever used, and I really mean that. Like any estate agent, they are happy to take your money - and I can forgive that, they are a business after all. However, what I can’t forgive is them letting out a property with the following Category 1 and Category 2 hazards: - Excessive Cold, due to a poor heating system meaning that the radiators can’t work to full capacity. - Carbon Monoxide and Fuel Combustion, the vent situated in the chimney breast wall in the first floor bedroom (WHERE ONE OF THE CHILDREN SLEPT!!) allowed fumes into the room from the open fire in the living room when lit. - Water Supply, the water was supplied by a borehole. When risk assessed by the Council this was found to contain E.Coli, Coliform Bacteria, and Lead. The water was often orange and left a gritty residue in the bath and kettle for example. From the water samples, high levels of iron were detected in the water supply. None of this was acted on. - Damp and Mould Growth, there was evidence of rising and penetrating dampness throughout the property - exacerbated by lack of a proper heating system to the property. - Domestic Hygiene, there was evidence of mice and rat infestations within the property with visible access points which rodents had used to gain entry. - Falling between Levels, there were no window restrictions to the first floor windows which are low to floor level. - Electrical Hazards, there were an insufficient amount of sockets throughout the property which heightened the use of extension cables, and therefore increases the risk of fire due to overloading. The thermostat associated with the private water system showed signs of short circuiting between the neutral and live parts of the the circuit. Furthermore, when taking the complaint to youngsRPS, Harry Morshead was incredibly dismissive of our claims and it seemed that YRPS were significantly more concerned with protecting the landlords interests rather than ours. Apparently, “This property has been successfully let on numerous occasions with no issue” which of course, meaning that everything I had claimed was a complete fabrication. To make matters worse, we received notification from YRPS that not only was the deposit to be withheld, but there was a claim of a further £2000 to pay for damages. Thankfully we had already approached the Local Authority to carry out an inspection, and a prohibition was placed on the property (“not to use the premises for residential or any other occupation by any person”), following this we sent an instruction to our solicitor to start legal proceedings against the landlord. A meagre offer was made by the landlord, and whilst I don’t think it was enough, we had to go on the advice of our solicitor and decided to settle out of court. As part of this, I went back to YRPS and told them to stick the £2000 claim where the sun doesn’t shine, which was ultimately accepted. Whilst YRPS were quick to point out that “we do (did not) not manage the property, and in a sense we only let it”, I would argue that the advertisement for the property was through YRPS, the application was through YRPS, and all dealings prior to moving into the property were indeed with YRPS and YRPS take fees from the landlord and the tenants, therefore whether YRPS wish to admit it or not, they have an interest in the deal brokered, and therefore have an obligation to ensure that properties rented out under their banner - irrespective of being managed or not - should meet minimum standards and be safe for the tenants. Since then, we have managed to buy our own property and don’t have the worries of the pitfalls of renting (and avoided this company, for obvious reasons - who knows what we would’ve ended up buying!). But to anyone who is in rentals. Please, for your own sanity and safety carry out as many checks as possible and get the relevant assurances in place before committing to a rental that is through YRPS.... Read more
  11. Fisher Hopper - Bentham Logo

    Fisher Hopper - Bentham

    43 Main Street,Bentham, LA2 7HJ
    Average 5/5 Stars
    (2 reviews)
    Average 5/5 Stars
    30th Jul 2023 (8 mo. ago)
    Staff were very quick to respond to any queries got back to us immediately if messages left. Overall a very good service... Read more
  12. Lancastrian Estates - Lancaster & Morecambe Logo

    Lancastrian Estates - Lancaster & Morecambe

    101 Riverway House, Morecambe Road, Lancaster, LA1 2RX
    Average 5/5 Stars
    (115 reviews)
    Average 5/5 Stars
    9th Mar 2024 (5 weeks ago)
    What a GREAT estate agents- keeping me posted with appropriate properties to purchase for a number of years, now! They sent me a truly entertaining 'Virtual tour' of their most recent bungalow for sale, which really cheered me up. It has spurred me on to get on and get my apartment sold. What inspirational motivators! THANK YOU to you all, I wish you pure success.... Read more
  13. Hunters - Carlisle Logo

    Hunters - Carlisle

    6 Abbey Street, Carlisle, CA3 8TX
    Average 4/5 Stars
    (12 reviews)
    Average 1/5 Stars
    28th Feb 2024 (6 weeks ago)
    Communication with Hunters was almost impossible, we could never get through to them on the telephone. Calls were never returned when messages were left and when we did get through to them, they were surely in their attitude. No suggestions were made as to what actions could be taken to get the property sold. In the end we got rid of them.... Read more
  14. Armitstead Barnett - Kendal Logo

    Armitstead Barnett - Kendal

    19 Kirkland, Cumbria, Kendal, LA9 5AF
    Average 5/5 Stars
    (1 reviews)
    Average 5/5 Stars
    2nd Sep 2022 (1 year ago)
    Excellent agent. Great communication. Great to deal with... Read more
  15. AshdownJones - Windermere Logo

    AshdownJones - Windermere

    Amberwell Middle Entrance Drive,Bowness-On-Windermere,Windermere, LA23 3ND
    Average 5/5 Stars
    (1 reviews)
    Average 5/5 Stars
    23rd May 2021 (2 years ago)
    AshdownJones Team, the First-Class Estate Agent Service in the Lake District. We are so grateful to AshdownJones for their professionalism, efficiency and great support we received through the selling process of our property. We really had the feeling AshdownJones Team was with us. They were supportive, keeping us updated and communicating REGULARLY by phone or email. At AshdownJones, they are all very nice and professional at the highest level with a first-class service and leave their “competitors” standing. The Team is lovely, friendly and full of empathy ???? Thank you so much Phil, Tess, Hannah, Maria, Jenna, Rebecca, Helen, Tess, Edward and Sam. They are simply the Best.... Read more
  16. David Britton Estates Logo

    David Britton Estates

    Aikriggs, Gamblesby, CA10 1JA
    Average 4/5 Stars
    (4 reviews)
    Average 1/5 Stars
    3rd Sep 2023 (7 mo. ago)
    We probably should have known the shortcomings before we set ifg... Read more
  17. Waterhouse Estate Agents Logo

    Waterhouse Estate Agents

    10 Park Road, Milnthorpe, LA7 7AD
    Average 5/5 Stars
    (1 reviews)
    Average 5/5 Stars
    16th Jan 2021 (3 years ago)
    Very proactive, positive approach. All staff professional but friendly.... Read more
  18. Hillier Reynolds - Borough Green Logo

    Hillier Reynolds - Borough Green

    3 Sevenoaks Road, Borough Green, TN15 8AX
    Average 5/5 Stars
    (18 reviews)
    Average 5/5 Stars
    30th Jul 2020 (3 years ago)
    Professional, efficient, knowledgeable and easily the best estate agent around. Dont bother going anywhere else. 5 stars isn't enough for the guys at Hillier Reynolds.... Read more
  19. Hilton Smythe Commercial Logo

    Hilton Smythe Commercial

    20 Wood Street, Bolton, BL1 1DY
    Average 5/5 Stars
    (244 reviews)
    Average 1/5 Stars
    18th Mar 2024 (25 days ago)
    DO NOT SELL YOUR BUSINESS THROUGH THIS COMPANY! READ THE SMALL PRINT This company are extremely aggressive and unprofessional. We advertised a business with them, paid an huge fee to advertise. Later after terminating, we agreed investment (not even a sale) from an investor we met directly, who was never introduced by Hilton Smythe. After accepting investment after terminating with Hilton Smythe they demanded their commission!! Totally unreasonable given it was after termination and the person who invested in our business was never known to or introduced by Hilton Smythe! They are now behaving aggressively and threatening legal action. We in turn have reported them to the ombudsman and trading standards. They are snake oil salesmen. DO NOT DEAL!... Read more
  20. Fine & Country - Windermere Logo

    Fine & Country - Windermere

    Hazelwood House, Ellerthwaite Square, Windermere, LA23 1DU
    Average 5/5 Stars
    (1 reviews)
    Average 5/5 Stars
    4th Sep 2023 (7 mo. ago)
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nothing to add nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn... Read more
  21. The Property Selling Company - Wetherby Logo

    The Property Selling Company - Wetherby

    4 Deighton Close,Wetherby, LS22 7GZ
    Average 2/5 Stars
    (3 reviews)
    Average 2/5 Stars
    5th Mar 2024 (5 weeks ago)
    Promised to sell within 30 days Advertised on Zoopla only hoping to make £8k Failed to sell in 3 months, wasting valuable time... Read more
  22. SmoothSale Logo


    85 Great Portland Street, London, W1W 7LT
    Average 3/5 Stars
    (2 reviews)
    Average 5/5 Stars
    10th Jan 2024 (13 weeks ago)
    Superb company. Always on the end of the phone. Sold my house in a matter of weeks. Thanks!... Read more

    4 Deighton Close, Wetherby, West Yorkshire, Leeds, LS22 7GZ
    Average 2/5 Stars
    (2 reviews)
    Average 1/5 Stars
    27th Feb 2023 (1 year ago)
    Hard to get hold of estate agent their phone just rang out. If we couldn’t get them then how to purchasers manage? Not timely in feeding back from viewings very poor! ... Read more
  24. Lakes Estates - Penrith Logo

    Lakes Estates - Penrith

    Unit 13/14 Devonshire Arcade, Penrith, CA11 7SX
    Average 5/5 Stars
    (21 reviews)
    Average 5/5 Stars
    27th Mar 2024 (16 days ago)
    Great helpful folk to deal with. Information sent as requested with a kind friendly attitude. I feel safe In Their hands.... Read more
  25. Jones Homes Lancashire - Helmdale Logo

    Jones Homes Lancashire - Helmdale

    Sedgewick Road, Natland, LA9 7RX
    Average NaN/5 Stars
    This agent doesn't have any reviews


Who are the best estate agents in LA9?

According to customer reviews the following estate agents are the highest rated in LA9.
  1. Christopher St James Plc
  2. Hackney & Leigh - Kendal
  3. Arnold Greenwood Estate Agents - Kendal
However, customer reviews only tell part of the story and our comparison tool looks at other performance metrics to show you who has the best experience at selling in LA9.

How many estate agents sell in LA9?

39 estate agents have sold properties in LA9 in the last 6 months.

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Compare performance

Compare all Estate Agents in LA9

Compare agent performance and fees, and find the best one to sell your home.
  • Data-driven recommendations
  • No obligation
  • Fast & easy

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