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Latest Reviews For Agents In Central London

5 People wrote same reviews of praising Yasin on the same day
Take the hint people, the 'good reviews are all fake

He is THE worst agent i have ever seen, specialised in 2 areas; one for making excuses in order to do a minimal amount of work and two for threatening tenants with deposits.

At the end of your tenancy, he will ask you to write a good review of him in line with deposit negotiation which basically means you will have to write a good review to get as much a money as possible.

I once had a hope that maybe other employees cared, but soon, i realised that nobody in the agency actually cared enough to discipline such a disasterous employee called Yasin

I am just so mad for giving even a star because i must say it is just too much for what he has done to us

Nilesh Ram - Wiseman Estate
09 Jan 17


It is extremely difficult to find a rental property that is cheap and decent at the same time especially in central London where there is a fierce competition in the market. In fact, most of you are likely to grab an opportunity of signing an only-just-tolerable property saying 'god we were lucky'. However, there is one thing a number of you forget ; The quality of service agents provide. Therefore, if you have a 5 minute, please hear me out before getting lured by mere flats that seem satisfactory.

The agent i dealt with was THE most unprofessional worker i have ever met in my entire experience in London.

1. The breach of contract occurs frequently for instance, the contract clearly states '24 hour notice must be made before paying a visit' but what i saw was a hasty agent leaving a message in the middle of a night saying 'the landlord will visit you tomorrow morning so tidy your rooms guys'.

2. Not only that, there were 6 sudden house refurbishments of which tenants had no idea. The following happened routinely throughout the year ; we get roused by noises in the common area -> meet workers removing ceiling tiles -> (WTF!?) -> leave a message to the agent -> no response -> call the agent -> no response -> receives a message from the agent saying 'i am not entirely sure what is going on but the landlord wants it' -> unable to use the area for 2~5 days -> happens again after 2~3 months.

3. On top of that, when we actually found something that needed to be repaired, the agent just ignored our messages. The communication was simply a one way street.
Keep on trying because he does reply after about 3-5 attempts and you will notice his answers will converge to a same answer ; sorry it's been a little hectic in the office last few weeks. i will look at it next week - obviously never happened :')

4. Can it get worse? well.. sorry but yes.
After about half a year, I once went to the office to tell him personally and respectfully if he could be more professional in terms of notifications and you know what he said?
'I actually don't have some of your numbers'

5. One time, the landlord found out that there was something wrong in the property and asked us for an explanation. We told him that the issue had been informed to the agency several times and got no proper responses. After a couple of days, the agent gave me a call and told me off for making it a big deal............. ......????????

6. Finally, If you are an international, they are really rude.
If you are an Asian, he will refer you as 'some Chinese guy'
If you are a European, he will refer you as 'you know that Spanish guy'
If you are from anywhere else, you will just be called in a most stereotypical way possible according to the appearances.

I think i can write a book about this agent but i should stop now.
If your agent is Y*SIN, you have to get the hell out of there immediately

P.S. It has been a while since i left the property (thanks to the agent) but it seems like the company left a review saying they have never had me as a client instead of taking this comment as a feedback so let me put some pictures of what i used to have with the company to prove i WAS one of their clients (and probably many others to whom that they left the same comment. I mean seriously, i am not using my real name here so how the hell do you know who i am in the first place?).

09 Jan 17

I have had a great experience dealing with Hannah Bailey, one of Morgan Randall's agents. She is a great professional and easy to deal with. I can say she was the best agent we have dealt with during our "house hunting" period.

Mariana Mesanelli Nunes - Morgan Randall
07 Jan 17

Lots of local knowledge and very experienced staff.

06 Jan 17

Many to thanks to Sarah Brown for the superb job she did with the sale of my apartment. From the very beginning with the with her price estimate, recommendation for legal council, publication of photos on Knight Frank's web site, Sarah was spot on, professional and a pleasure to deal with. The final sale price exceeded all expectations. For any of my future property needs I will only consider using Sarah and her team at Knight Frank.

06 Jan 17

Aisling Keating was lovely and really helpful, she kept us updated during all the phases of the (long) application process and was always very reactive. It is a very good letting agency overall, nice people and very professional.

06 Jan 17

The whole team, especially Karen and James, were really professional and proactive. Really good advice on valuation, where others went too high or low. I put my flat on the market one morning. The next afternoon, Karen rang with a buyer. They kept in touch throughout the whole process. A really nice friendly bunch of people - who also seem great at selling houses!

Tim Nicholls - My Pad
05 Jan 17

Many thanks to Charlie and the Knightsbridge team for their help. I have been given great advice about the sale of my apartment and it will be going on the market shortly. Unfortunately due to family circumstances I have been travelling a great deal and Charlie and his colleagues have made the process utterly painless. I have total confidence that we will be successful and wish you all well for 2017. Thanks again.

05 Jan 17

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