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Latest Reviews For Agents In Central London

I really dislike publicly calling a company out online, but I feel it is important in our case. If they read this review they will know precisely who I am, as I have been in touch with them for the past 4 months regarding noise coming from the property they manage above our flat in SE1. This isn't a negative review regarding their services to their customers. I am sure this service is fantastic, hence the high-star reviews. I haven't dealt with Islington Properties for the purpose of renting an accommodation so I have no opinion on this. My major gripe is that they have rented out a property above our flat to two students in an accommodation that is 99% professional. The two students keep the most insane hours that is in stark contrast to mine and my wife's professional hours; like most of the rest of professional London. I have worked in the professional world of background screening and vetting long enough to know that an abysmal background check was conducted on the above tenants. I say 'tenants' plural, as I feel it is important to point out that despite it being against the lease contract for more than one person to occupy the above property, there are two students living above us. In my 9 years living in London I have seen time and time again, property management companies making it absolutely clear to renters that a certain accommodation is for professionals only. Our accommodation is no different, yet the noise makers above us who get out of bed at 2pm and are still walking about their flat at 4am in the morning seem to have slipped through the net. Ultimately the finger points right back to the vetting process of Islington Properties, who failed to ascertain their tenants professional status.

Islington Properties Ltd - Islington

Jenny Ibbott from John D Wood was very helpful with my house search. She quickly understood my criteria and shown properties within my criteria and budget. Jenny really appreciate your effort. Thank you.

Faron Sutaria - Islington Sales

Currently I reside in Austra, so I have been renting my London apartment through SN estates since 2010. We have been doing business for a long time. Truly speaking, I don’t have to bother deal with my tenants and their every single pity issues. They take care of these things. I truly believe that if my apartment is with SN estates, then it is in good hands. They regularly monitor my apartment and update me with things I should know as a landlord.

SN Estates

I have found an appartment through View Lettings and was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the service, clear communication and nice people. Can only recommend.

View Lettings Ltd

Horrible agency. They never do what they say and the last surprise is that they will not return the keys that I borrowed them to do maintenance (which they only did after 4 months and a threat to take the matter to the council). Do not do business with these people, they are unprofessional and extremely rude.

Ideal Place

I just completed yesterday on my flat which I found through Felicity J Lord. Having looked at a number of different flats with different agents the difference in dealing with Alexander Fletcher at Felicity J Lord was astonishing. Alexander was just so easy to deal with and never pushed or cajoled. Nothing was too much trouble for him and he was fun, easy and professional all at the same time. The whole experience was an utter delight which is a great way to start this new adventure. Thank you to Alexander and to Alexander Wheelock-Lines (the manager) too.

Felicity J Lord - Clerkenwell

Dear Nick and team, I drove past an 'Ideal Place' office this weekend and had to do a bit of investigation to see if this is your new office in Camden? Very pleased to discover it is and congratulate you on your expansion and thank you for your services in the past. Best regards to you and your team. Keep up the dedicated work. Leanne and family x

Ideal Place

DESPICABLE! My friend and I had the misfortune of dealing with this agency's top man about a month ago. Shame I can't mention this guy's name due to Google's conditions of reviews. You ready to read something that you never thought would happen in this day & age? We are european, I am a professional in an outstanding international corporation, my friend is a Director in Notting Hill. We had impeccable references & high salaries. From the start we had to deal with the utmost unprofessionalism & were subjected by this individual to deception, mind games and out of line questions about our private life that he wouldn't dare ask his other clients. In addition to this we were forced to accept the tight move in deadline of about a week although we weren't ready to move in. He is that much of an aggressive and ruthless salesman. We loved the property, we had not much of a choice as to go along with this...It continues, we were not kept up to date with the process & had to chase & chase about our referencing & the contract to be sent to us on time. We wanted everything to be signed & agreed so we could arrange our move in such short time. The contract was sent WRONG no less than 6-7 times *just* before moving in & it was the worst handling of the situation I had ever seen. Once we send over the full payments (nearly 5K) we asked for a third key to have as spare for our cleaner & friends/family who would come to visit etc. Well within our rights! We obv offered to pay for it as well. At this point, cue in this disgrace of an estate agent once again. In the call with my friend, not only he flat out refused but asked to have the direct number to 'our' cleaner to corroborate the validity of our 'story'. Isn't this the most insane thing you have ever heard? Discriminating! Invasive! I then call him & in a rude, indifferent, unapologetic, and unjustified way he said to me: 'Do you want to know why I won't give you a 3rd set of keys? Because I frankly don't want to!'. In the call to my friend he said to him 'I don't like you, you are pushy'. We have all of the above in writing. In the dealings with us he has been unprofessional, offensive, discriminating, intrusive, and evasive. We were left out in the cold one day before moving in, in an unprecedented situation. He promised in writing to return our FULL deposit much to his deep satisfaction that he didn't have to give us the property no longer, and then kept the 'power' by retracting his words & saying he needs to speak to the landlord first & taking his time. He then refunds only a couple hundred out of 5K! When I make him aware that the deposit is a lot more than a couple hundred (he hadn't even seen we had paid, that's how unreliable this agency is), he then refunds the rest MINUS referencing fees when he promised FULL refund in writing. Why do we have to pay for references when the deal fell through on the agency's side??? Why do we have to pay when the agency didn't want to go ahead with the contract due to this man's unreasonable behaviour??? We have been lied to throughout the whole process with Tate and treated despicably to say the least. We reached out to the director too, and had no replies to our formal email. All we have left is to review this abomination to all review sites. Pay heed!

Tate Residential

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