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Estate Agents in West London

Estate Agents in West London

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In the last 6 months in West London, 38818 properties have been listed for sale by 2940 different agents. The asking price is £867,274 on average and properties take around 22 weeks to go under offer. Agents in West London typically charge around 1.6%, which equates to an average estate agency fee of £13,920.

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Estate Agents

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Foxtons - Notting Hill
90 Notting Hill Gate, Notting , W11 3HP
Customer reviews (104)
Aldona Limani
Really impressed with Natalie from the Notting Hill branch who made my search seamless. I felt well informed, and she's so trustworthy and really got the brief so the places we viewed were spot on. Thanks for your guidance through such an important decision.... Read more
16 days ago
Carmen Martín Ramos
Contacted them two months ago looking for a flat. A guy name Tom was very nice on the phone but not once in person. He argued that I said my limit was 1,300 pcm while I said 1,200 pcm. However, he showed us 4 flats, none of them under 1,300 (the cheapest was 1,350), insisting in that "the normal thing is to spend the 80% of the salary on the rent. Well, that may be your case Tom, but I don't want to struggle every month to pay my bills. He rudly insists so much on this that he even took a calculator and started calculating how much money we would still have after paying 1400 for a 1 bedroom flat near Portobello Market (btw, I thought the limit supposed to be 1300...). He also added that we will not find a 1 bedroom flat for less than 1300, unless we go to live to heathrow. Well, guess what Tom, we find it in Hackney for 1150, and it is not the crappy flats you showed to us (one of them included the landlords -an old couple that, I guess, wasn't expecting having two girls living together- living on the second floor of the building). I am not saying this the experience you will get with Foxtons. Not at all, at the same time colleagues from Foxtons Archway, Ealing and Greenwich were being incredibly kind and professional with us. I just believe this particular "Tom" from Foxtons Notting Hill is only used to work with wealthy people that would pay whatever they asked for a old, muddy, crappy flat in Kensington. It's fine, just tell me from the begining and don't go wasting my time.... Read more
1720 days ago
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Foxtons - Fulham
55 Fulham Broadway, SW6 1AE
Customer reviews (78)
George Hunt
Previously would have given half a star. Having had a tedious and painful experience with Foxtons for several weeks, their new lettings manager Alex started at just the right time. He actually seemed to care about our situation and was extremely helpful and responsive; actually proactively chasing and resolving the issue for us rather than me having to constantly call but getting no response as had been the case for weeks before he started. Alex is exactly what the Fulham Broadway branch needed to steer the ship. Thanks Alex for taking away the stress and being really helpful!... Read more
28 days ago
Feria Kazemi
Update: Since the below wasn’t enough, Foxtons have upped their game to be truly the worst of the worst. Over three months before our tenancy is set to end, Foxtons agents without prior notice or consent entered our home and conducted viewings! When confronted with the facts, no apology was made for their actions and James Hankin (the new office manager) even had the gall to address us in a condescending and argumentative manner. Furthermore, he cited his ‘right’ to enter our home, which completely goes against the law, let alone the contract that Foxtons themselves drew up. Future tenants, I cannot stress how much you should avoid this agency. While you expect London lettings agencies to be brutal, Foxtons Fulham cranks it up a notch. Tenants beware. We placed a conditional offer on a property that was accepted based on conditions. We then signed the let contract based on our offer's acceptance by the landlord. When the landlord failed to deliver on the offer conditions we went back to Foxtons. They shrugged their shoulders, said too bad and that the landlord doesn't need to keep their end of the deal. Alex Cima and Rupert Simmonds over-promise, under deliver and will blatantly lie to seal the deal in favour of the landlord.... Read more
NaN days ago
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Daniels - Sudbury / North Wembley
35 Court Parade Sudbury, HA0 3HS
Customer reviews (33)
Richard Mills
Daniels have been extremely responsive and professional when selling my late Fathers house. They listened to what I wanted and found a good buyer and a fair price. Were good at dealing with a complex situation and being patient over waiting for probate. Would thoroughly recommend.... Read more
77 days ago
Allison Straton
very good support from customer service. Thx... Read more
571 days ago
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Lawrence Rand - Ruislip Manor
106 Victoria Road, HA4 0AL
Customer reviews (87)
Poppy Cole
I really couldn't fault the service provided by Lawrence Rand as we navigated our first house purchase. Everyone we encountered was helpful and professional from the start until the end. Special thanks to Graham who was our initial contact and Alec who saw our purchase through to completion - we are so grateful for all of their help and endless patience. Highly recommend!... Read more
20 days ago
Kumar Vikram Dev
TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE! We purchased our house through them in 2015. It all stared well, but as our offer got accepted and moved on to next stage the ordeal began. Our offer was accepted late July, we were told there was no chain and the seller is ready to move out as soon as we can get paperwork done. This turned out be a load of bunk. The seller used to "disappear" for weeks impacting the progress, not responding to queries raised by the solicitors. Paul Ryan who was dealing with the case from Lawrence Rand wasn't very helpful either. During the course he went on leave without giving an hint he was planning to do so. We never got any honest answers as to why the delay despite everything being in order from our side. Phone calls to his office or emails asking for updates rarely got returned unless the email was marked to Peter Lawrence. This was our first home purchase and with so much delay we were not sure what was happening, if there were to be gazumped, whether the deal is going to go through or not, it was very stressful for us. Finally we got the keys towards end of Nov. To our surprise the seller left all his unwanted stuff(mostly rubbish) behind. And he took away some of the fittings/fixtures that he earlier agreed to leave! When we requested Lawrence Rand if they can contact the seller and get the house cleared, all we got was "we will pass the message" and that's it. We never heard anything back. We were never given the contact details of the seller so there was no way possible for us to reach him. We also found out in the week that followed that someone else had signed up for Council Tax payment and another person had signed up for Gas and Electricity for the property. We managed to sort this out ourselves, not not sure how it happened in first place. Had Lawrence Rand been clear with their communication instead of keeping us in dark this experience would have been much better. I guess in a seller driven market, with properties in short supply and high prices, its the buyer which is at the receiving end and the estate agent only cares for the seller from whom ultimately the profits come! And today morning I received a phone call from them asking if I was interested in selling my house due to an increased demand for properties in my area! Good grief!... Read more
1287 days ago
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James Anderson - East Sheen
363 Upper Richmond Road, SW14 7NX
Customer reviews (107)
Nanna Theil Frank
As first time buyers in the UK, we needed a lot of help and guidance. Evren and Michael made sure we got that. At the viewing, Evren quickly noticed what our priorities were and answered all our questions in a honest and trustworthy way. He made us feel very comfortable and confident in moving forward with the purchase. All communication with Evren and Michael has been impeccable. Every phone call or mail has been answered within a day and throughout the process, we have always felt respected and listened to - no matter the quantity or kind of questions we have had. Michael has guided us through the massive “jungle” it is to buy a property and the collaboration between seller, solicitors, and us has been handled with extremely professionalism by Michael. Even though our purchase at times was quite stressful, Michael’s ability to see and sense our needs during the process made a big difference and we have not, at any moment, felt insecure or uncomfortable. Thank you Michael. All the best from Nanna and Thomas... Read more
32 days ago
Gaya Vithanage
"Ripping off optimized" is the opinion we ended with regarding James Anderson estate agents. We have rented in England for 11+ years, in and out of London. The one year spent in a flat managed by James Anderson was remarkably a worse experience. Hence this review. Summarizing some highlights: · About two days prior moving into the flat, James Anderson tried to change the agreed to terms of the tenancy and increase the rent! We were obviously vacating the previous place and had nowhere to go. It was extortion. · The rented flat was in fifth floor of Deanhill court in East Sheen and accessed via a lift. The lift started breaking down frequently, which meant we had to use the service access stairs on a regular basis. These stairs are outside the building and was not safe for our kid. We asked to move out of flat before the end of the tenancy period. But James Anderson held us to the full term. We agree that was the contract. But our opinion that James Anderson could have been more considerate. · When it came to advertising the flat at the end of our tenancy, they advertised using outdated photos (more than two years old) and information (e.g. claiming the oven used daily for a year as new). A James Anderson representative stated advertising with such outdated photos is not legal but a “grey” area. · It took James Anderson more than seven weeks to return the undisputed amount of the tenancy deposit! · Our opinion that James Anderson made unfair claims on the tenancy deposit. This lead to a disputed claim which was later handled via a dispute resolution service. · The produced checkout inventory was clearly doctored. This was obvious as it contained photos taken at a much later date from the end of the tenancy! Apart from comments stated as opinions, other statements above are in our email conversations with James Anderson and their advertisements. Ripping off optimized - our conclusion about James Anderson estate agents. ... Read more
1915 days ago
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Aston Rowe - Acton
103 Churchfield Road, Acton, W3 6AH
Customer reviews (74)
Aston Rowe we’re great choice to go with!... Read more
4 days ago
I was supposed to have viewing with the agency and noone showed up. It took me 1.5 hours to get there. Complete waste of time. They weren't ansering to my emails questioning it for several days, only after the phonecall someone finally got back to me. I was all very discrespectful experience.... Read more
177 days ago
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